I.R.S. “Leak” – Purpose To Start Class Warfare? Maybe?

Wealthy Pay No Taxes?

Author Bob Livingston:

When the federal government, or as we call it, the state, can create money and pay it to you for goods and your labor, you are a slave. You may be a happy slave, but you are indeed a slave to the money creators.

Collectivist systems, as they grow and mature, require strong, authoritarian police state backing to enforce the myriad laws needed to make them work and steal the wealth and property from individuals for distribution to the state.

I suppose you thought the idea of American slavery ended in 1865? The collectivism we are living under now is anathema to human liberty and a concealed form of slavery.

There is a great deception that rights come from government. Now the politicians want all commerce to flow through government. The masses are falling for this deception.

Witness the recent IRS “leak” of the taxes paid by billionaires such as Bloomberg, Buffett and Bezos. The uproar stems from the media claim that the “wealthy pay no taxes.” That’s a lie.

The leaks definitely do NOT show that rich people pay no taxes. The leaks showed that, for example, Bezos earned $4.22 billion in income over 5 years, and paid almost a billion in taxes on it. Warren Buffett earned $125 million and paid $25 million in taxes. That’s 20%. True, perhaps they hid income and got tax breaks. So what? Kudos to them for not having to pay even more into the IRS scam.

What you need to know is that what the socialist sympathizers of the BBC and ProPublica, who wrote about the “leaks,” want to show us is that the wealthy somehow, inexplicably and “illegally” in their estimation, escaped paying taxes on their “increase in wealth.”

How can they have gotten away with such an outrage as to escape paying taxes on their huge, unimaginable wealth? Because there’s no such tax, regardless of the claims of the class warriors and communist propagandists of the media.

These people called their pie-in-the-sky tax rate on the increase in the billionaires’ wealth a “true tax.”

What hokum.

There’s no such thing as a wealth tax in this country, despite what Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders want you to think. There is no wealth tax, or increase in wealth tax, or “true tax” (as invented by ProPublica). It is decidedly the least true thing that’s not a thing of anything I can think of.

This is socialist bunkum designed to change people’s thinking, and make them believe that “wealth” should be taxed and handed over to the government – as if taxing income itself isn’t bad enough.

Yet that is exactly the system being promoted by prominent Democrats and supported by both Democrat and Republican voters alike. Given the massive collectivist propaganda of the last 50-plus years, such a wealth-taxing system is a given.

Nothing should surprise you after years of public non-education of our youth. As a result, neither Democrats nor Republicans can ever say “no” to communism anymore.

Children are taught from early on that government is the be-all and end-all. In school they are steeped in state worship and most kids today receive two meals (or more) provided by the state.

They are taught to hate the rich and envy their wealth. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders, and the Democrat darling and House member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York have all proposed a federal jobs guarantee and high minimum wage.

The U.S. already led the world in our lazy and don’t care work ethic before the casedemic shutdowns. Very few people really work anymore. Nor do many want to take responsibility for their welfare, choosing instead to rely on the state for sustenance and succor.

Voters and politicians from both parties embrace Social Security, Medicare and its expansions, Medicaid, No Child Left Behind, a greater regulatory state and most parts of Obamacare. There is no stomach among even the most “conservative” Americans for cutting social and corporate welfare programs.

Envy of money

Collectivist systems, whether they are called democracy, socialism, communism or fascism, are philosophies of envy. When one sees something another has and decides he wants it, rather than earn it on his own merits he wants the power of government to take it and either give it to him or redistribute it to the masses. Often the collectivist doesn’t want that something for himself as much as he doesn’t want someone else to have it.

Collectivism is also a philosophy of racism, weakness, ineptitude. It assumes one gained what one has by way of special privilege not afforded everyone if they are of a different race or creed or social standing, and that one cannot obtain a thing or advance economically without the assistance of government or the collective.

It is a disguised system of stealing the wealth and production of the producers of wealth with spurious laws under the legitimacy of the vote.

Stealing or taking from producers and transferring it to nonproducers is very sophisticated and concealed class warfare. The truth goes deeper. The masses are being taught to parasite on government force and socialism to subvert those they envy and wish to imitate and are, therefore, surrendering their liberties for something grander — seemingly better. But how can there be anything better than total liberty?

Remember that the principle of government is that political power is maximized by forcibly leveling every individual to the same status of conformity, collectivism, ecumenicalism, and serfdom. Slavery by any other name.

Our greatest challenge to liberty and survival is to escape the propaganda of government and its agencies including the media. The amount of personal freedom that you have in the next few years in America will be in direct relationship to how sophisticated you become in techniques of decoding what you see and hear. It will have a direct impact on your survival.

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