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Weights & Measures – Why A Standard Is Necessary. A Foot Should Always Be 12″ & A Pound Should Always Be 16 Oz. & A Dollar Should Always Be A Dollar!

What are Weights and Measures in Biblical Law?                                          by Jack Kettler                                      What do the Scriptures say about Weights and Measures? A contemporary definition:  Weights and Measures, a Definition from the U.S. Legal Code: “Weights, measures or weighing or measuring devices are defined to include all weights, scales, beams, measures of every kind, instruments and mechanical devices […]

MIT (Massachusettes Intitute Of Technology) – Social Distancing 6 Ft. Rule Is Absolutely Meaningless & Worthless!

MIT says social distancing is worthless whether it’s 6 or 60 feet HERE. You’re being played, and between this and the recent Stanford University study saying masks are not effective against Covid 19 HERE. Ask yourself why states that are open (Texas and Florida) have declining Covid cases while hard lockdown states are faring worse. […]