Daily Archives: April 22, 2021

Counterfeit Vaccines Found In Mexico!

Counterfeit vaccines found in Mexico HERE. Hey, they want to jab you at least two or three times, and probably annually. What a fabulous opportunity for counterfeiting. Who’s going to know if a vaccine is legitimate or not? Newsweek reports they made a mistake at Walgreens and gave people only saline solution with no vaccine […]

Critical Race Theory – Is Just That; A Theory!

It’s interesting to see how some theory’s have credibility while others do not. Conspiracy theories are mocked as totally out of hand, because you cannot expose those who conspire to lie, cheat, steal, murder and oppress, but if someone has a theory about race, that has gravitas and must be revered and perpetuated with zeal […]

Join The Vaccine Of The Month Club!

Now that the vaccine (pharmaceutical industry) has its claws thoroughly dug into the world population, they want you to have multiple shots. Who will pay for the shots? If you can afford it, you will pay for them, but if not, the taxpayer (that’s you again) will pay for it, and if the taxpayer cannot […]