Happy Holidays?

Christmas Party

Happy Holidays; a common exhortation these days. What is a “holiday”. In the current vernacular/lexicon, it is a day exempt from work, and the plural is because people tend to take multiple days off during this time of the year. But, where does the term “holiday” come from? It comes from two words combined “Holy” and “Day” to make holiday. So where does the idea of “Holy” fit in? Here comes the rub for the “secularist”.

December 25th is not the actual birthdate of Jesus Christ, but it is the recognized and celebrated day of the year. When you celebrate someone’s birthday, then you tend to want to honor and acknowledge that person’s life and existence and maybe even some of their works and exploits. For Christians, Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of a promise God made thousands of years earlier in the Garden of Eden to implement his predestined redemption for man’s sin. This was right after the fall of Adam and Eve for the eating of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Of course to the secularist, or unbeliever, this is mythical nonsense and gobbledygook. Even so, most unbelievers will acknowledge that a person named Jesus Christ did exist in history. Beyond that, there is much disagreement as to the nature of the birth (immaculate conception being rejected by them). Of course, the Biblically cited miracles are also rejected, along with Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The bottom line is that the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ are a thorn in the side of the unbelievers. They are anti-God in any way that they possibly can be.

This would explain why abortion is so important to them. The Bible teaches that God created man in His image. If, you kill man, then you are killing the image of God which pleases the unbeliever. Of course, the unbeliever doesn’t believe in capital punishment generally but only in the womb. The most heinous mass murderer does not deserve the death penalty according to the unbeliever. Who are we to judge a man so harshly as that? Besides, that mass murderer might well be redeemed from his ways by some time in prison to think about his crime, and maybe to become a better criminal while in prison before being paroled. There is no hypocrisy in this contradictory mindset in the eyes of the unbeliever – it all makes perfect sense.

Other things the unbeliever likes to embrace and justify as normal, good, right and true would be homosexuality (which slows the abortion rate) transgenderism which confuses the issue of sex for everyone. Then there’s little things like lying, stealing, cheating, adultery, fornication, coveting other’s property etc. All of these things are, in general, accepted by and even encouraged by the unbelievers. Once you bring God down to your level, then anything and everything can be made acceptable and legal.

So, now you see why it has to be “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas. Christmas is automatically an acknowledgment of Jesus Christ, and by implication, His authority over mankind (that’s collective for man, woman, boy, girl, ze, te etc., or maybe we should say humankind?) The unbeliever is not satisfied with ignoring God, Christ and the Bible, but he must eradicate all representation of God from all of society, because he does not want to be reminded of his sinfulness, imperfections and limitations. Wait until we get to Easter where Christ justifies His elect to remove the guilt of sin, sanctifies His elect to remove the power of sin, and glorification of His elect to remove the presence of sin. So, please allow me to wish you all a very

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