Daily Archives: December 12, 2020

A Friend Asked “When Will You Know That You Have Reached The Point Of Having Nothing Left To Lose?”

“Nothing to lose”?  We’re very close.  In reverse order of the Constitution; the pursuit of happiness is being denied to millions in that they have lost their jobs, and the ability to enjoy the fruits of their labor, or to even have any fruits at this point, to a large extent.  They have to get permission […]

Is Limbaugh Right – Is America Headed For Secession? Are We Doomed To A Political, Cultural & Geographic Split?

Having a difference of opinion is as old as mankind (not leaving you women out of this). Opinions and values are numerous and nuanced. On the other hand, principles and virtues are solid and rooted in fixed stances not easily altered if ever altered. For example, an opinion might be that health care is a […]