Is Limbaugh Right – Is America Headed For Secession? Are We Doomed To A Political, Cultural & Geographic Split?

Unity Through Diversity?

Having a difference of opinion is as old as mankind (not leaving you women out of this). Opinions and values are numerous and nuanced. On the other hand, principles and virtues are solid and rooted in fixed stances not easily altered if ever altered. For example, an opinion might be that health care is a right. That has a warm fuzzy sound and feeling to it, but it requires some analysis and examination to determine the opinion’s validity. For one thing, rights have unlimited price tags such as your life, your property and your liberty. Those are rights you cannot lawfully or legitimately take away, and they will not be taken away without a fight.

First of all, nobody gets health care unless there is a doctor, nurse, or therapist to administer it and a facility in which to do so with equipment and medicines to be utilized and administered. The doctor, nurse or therapist is a free agent in that they work for a living doing what they’ve been trained to do and what they want to do. They more than likely spent their own money to get an education and training to do their profession. If medical/health care is a right, then it cannot be denied anyone. If it cannot be denied anyone, then those who provide it can be made to do so regardless of any compensation they might or might not receive. The same would apply to the hospitals and clinics that exist to facilitate the doctors, nurses and therapists to do their work effectively and optimally. Of course, the pharmaceutical companies and equipment manufacturers, at their expense, have provided the doctors, nurses and therapists with the tools of the trade so to speak.

So if all of these goods and services are a “right” (they are health care in toto), then it is presumable that they must be provided regardless of any cost. If that is the case, then that provision will come either one of two ways or both ways. One way is to force the care givers, vendors and facilities to provide their services and materials for an arbitrarily established price, or no price at all. The arbitrary part would eliminate any kind of voluntary and free enterprise system. No price at all would create an absolute slave labor situation which would discourage those people from doing their best if indeed they chose to do anything at all. The only authority that can implement something like this is government. Now, do you want your neurosurgeon with a government gun to his head being told to perform surgery or go to a reeducation camp? This writer’s guess is that you probably would not. Would it be any better, if your neurosurgeon was told that he would get paid $500 to do the surgery? That likely would not be much better if better at all.

Enter the free market. You have neurosurgeons A, B, and C. Each has performed and knows how to perform a particular surgery. Let’s call it, for example, “neurohash”. Doctor “A” graduated from Harvard medical school Summa Cum Laude. He’s performed 1,000 “neurohash” surgeries with a 98% success rate, and he charges $50,000 per surgery. Now, Dr. “B”, who is still quite competent, graduated from Long Beach State College, in the top 20% of his class. Dr. “B” has performed 500 “neurohash” surgeries with a 90% success rate, and he charges $35,000 per surgery. Lastly, we have Dr. “C” who graduated from a junior college in Wyoming in the top 1/2 of his class. Dr. “C” has performed 250 “neurohash” surgeries with an 80% success rate, and he charges $20,000 per surgery. If, (a big “if”) you have a choice, which Dr. would you want to operate on your brain and do a “neurohash” surgery on you? I suspect you would choose Dr. “A”. You’d be a fool not to. But, you may not be able to afford Dr. “A”, and therefore, you might choose Dr. “B”. For the people hardest hit financially, the only alternative is Dr. “C”.

Now, let’s make “neurohash” surgery a “right”. The government now has control over Dr.’s “A”, “B”, and “C”. The government determines that all three of these Dr.’s will be paid a fee of $25,000 per surgery. Dr. “A” says nuts to that. If I have to work for half price, I am not going to work as hard and worry about my reputation. Dr. “B” says, I don’t like taking a cut in pay, and maybe I’ll slack off a little – why should I work harder than I need to? Dr. “C” says; I’m getting a raise of $5,000, and I didn’t have to do anything to earn it.

As time goes by, Dr. “A” has his success rate on “neurohash” surgeries decline to 95%. Dr. “B” sees this decline in Dr. “A”, and feels no remorse as his success rate declines to 86%. Dr. “C” still elated with his raise is willing to allow his success rate to drop to 77%. Assuming that each Dr. under government edict is doing 100 surgeries a year, that means that 3 more people are dying under Dr. “A’s” care, 4 more people are dying under Dr. “B’s” care, and 3 more are dying under Dr. “C’s” care. All totaled, 10 more people are dying a year under government run (socialized) medical care which has gone from being a free enterprise endeavor to a “right”

In a couple of years as things become more bureaucratic and government edicts make it harder to do one’s job, Dr. “A’s” success rate wanes to 92%, Dr. “B’s” to 83%, and Dr. “C’s” to 72%. Reputations no longer matter, and word of mouth referrals no longer apply in a government run system. Now, the death rate is 21 more people dying verses the peak of the free enterprise system. Now, people are clamoring for euthanasia instead of “neurohash” surgeries, because the success rate is so low, and the cost is so high both in dollars and lives.

The time has now come in the minds of many that they no longer want to be a part of a corrupt, inefficient, bureaucratic, and deadly enterprise known as socialized medicine. It is a time for people to secede and break the bonds that have tied them together for so long. Those diverse views that support socialized medicine no longer come close to comporting with those who have higher standards and support the free enterprise system. There is no unity through diversity – only dissension and dissatisfaction.

Limbaugh’s comments HERE.


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