The Top 10 Most Absurd Covid Rules!

Chinese Inspecting People Wearing Hazmat Suits To Protect Against Covid 19

News Flash! Denmark Abandons “Forced Vaccinations” after public protest HERE!

#1. Attention shoppers: You cannot bring your own bag to certain grocery stores (Trader Joes), and the clerks must be extra careful and use gloves to touch any cash money you use, but the clerks touch every single product with their bare hands that you just handled to put in the cart or basket, doesn’t matter if you just sneezed or coughed all over your hands or the items.

#2. Attention parents: All students attending school must have all of their own class materials and cannot dare share anything with other students, yet at P.E. or recess, they all touch the same equipment, swing sets, balls, bats, jump ropes, etc., then touch their mouth, nose, eyes and masks (if they even have them on outside at all).

#3. Attention hypochondriacs: Nearly every Covid mask being worn by civilians during the “pandemic” has holes that are 3 to 5 microns large, where the Covid virus is less than 2 microns in size, which is like throwing a tennis ball through a basketball hoop. Can you mumble “worthless” behind your mask without coughing? Don’t touch it! You’ll contaminate it instantly.

#4. Attention all vaccine fanatics: People rush to get flu shots, only to end up getting the flu or injured by the shot, or getting a worse case of the flu the next year due to the flu shot. Now they’re practically standing in line to get a Covid vaccine, which is rushed to market, untested for safety or efficacy, contains human abortion cells, and strains of Covid that are morphing as you read this, rendering the vaccine worthless and dangerous to boot. Vaccines are the most dangerous form of medicine, but most Americans think they’re 100 percent “safe and effective” because that’s all the media and CDC keep repeating, over and over.

#5. Business is for huge corporations only: All big box corporate stores are open, no matter how packed the parking lot and the store become, but no mid-size or small businesses can open for inside business, even if everyone was spread apart 6 feet with plastic barriers.

#6. Disinfection Overkill: Everyone is supposed to use hand sanitizer and bleach-mixed products to scrub, clean and spray all around their environment, and on themselves all day, but the human body needs some bad bacteria to create immunity, so these morons are decimating their own immune system by being germ paranoid and dosing themselves with chemicals and bacteria annihilating cleansers.

#7. The height of stupidity: People are literally driving in their cars with Covid masks on and jogging alone outside with a mask on, but they order take out and delivery of food all the time that’s just been touched by people they don’t know, can’t see and that could be sick with Covid while preparing that exact food.

#8. Masks that make you sick: People are wearing masks all day for immune safety and health purposes, but the masks themselves breed bacteria, limit oxygen supply, and 71 percent of the people who get Covid were wearing masks. Oops. Into the blazing fire goes that claim, along with herd theory.

#9. Gloves spread germs: People are wearing gloves to try to be safe, but then they just contaminate the gloves and keep touching stuff, spreading the germs, bacteria and viruses even more, plus they take the gloves off wrong, fueling more cross-contamination.

#10. Rallies vs. Riots: You’re a careless, fascist moron spreading disease if you go to a Trump rally with no mask, act perfectly peaceful, and refuse to social distance, but you’re a commendable social justice warrior exercising your constitutional rights if you belong to Antifa or Black Lives Matter and stand shoulder to shoulder in the metro-city streets screaming, with no masks, all while looting, burning, pillaging and mauling innocent people and their businesses.

  • Thanks To Mike Adams of Briteon, Natural News, and Health Ranger


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