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Today in the Covid 19 “pandemic”, we are told to believe and follow the science. Let’s take a moment to examine this idea. The word science means knowledge. In the case of the “believe the science” mindset, we are speaking of the empirical knowledge, or that which can be known through observation.

For observation to be meaningful, there must be multiple people who observe it, and it must be a repeatable experience for the ability to confirm and agree upon that which is now “known” through the experience. This definition would eliminate anything referred to as a miracle, because miracles are a supernatural event which is believed only through faith, and not experience. In other words, the Bible has no merit in the eyes of an empiricist.

Historically, knowledge has been gained incrementally. All knowledge is out there, but not all knowledge has been achieved by any individual, and not even by any society or government. Two hundred years ago, the internal combustion engine did not exist. One hundred years ago, nuclear fission had not been accomplished, and nuclear power had not been harnessed. Eighty years ago, antibiotics did not exist. Seventy years ago, color TV did not exist. Forty years ago, cell phones did not exist. Thirty years ago, personal computers did not exist. Twenty years ago, 4G technology did not exist. The point of this is that knowledge and experience are in a constant state of progress and advancement.

What will people in the twenty-second century say of those in the twenty-first century? What things that we have yet to imagine, let alone experience, will manifest themselves one-hundred years from now? As you can plainly see, science/knowledge is a constantly evolving or developing phenomena. As science develops, many times, it overturns previously accepted scientific “truths”. The most obvious is that the earth is flat, and now overturned by empirical knowledge that the earth is a sphere.

Therefore, will those scientifically accepted truths of today become obsolete and proved erroneous one-hundred years from now? From millennia of history, it is reasonable to say that the answer to that question is “Yes!” – an emphatic “YES!” – an unequivocal and undisputable “Yes!” Of course that doesn’t mean that all scientific knowledge will become obsolete. Basic things like water being composed of H2O is not likely knowledge that will change.

On the other hand, our knowledge of diseases and their cures is very likely to change. Currently under today’s pandemic concerns, we see a mad rush to come up with a vaccine that will deal with the Covid 19 virus. Under the “Warp Speed” research, a vaccine is very close to being developed for broad application for the whole world. Within that context, there are many who are concerned that the vaccine is not going through the historically mandated and rigorous trials that previous vaccines have gone. In other words, there are those who are concerned that short cuts are being taken to accomplish a scientific goal. Put another way, there is no repeatable benefits to the vaccines, there is no efficacious verification, and most importantly, no serious examination of possible negative side effects are being explored and scrutinized.

Additionally, the Covid 19 virus has been politicized in multiple ways. It has been politicized in the sense that no challenge to its severity can be made. Doctors and scientists are on record as having said that the Covid 19 virus is no more severe than a flu, and in fact is less severe than some flus. When someone wishes to speak the truth, or what they believe to be the truth – whether based upon extensive or limited scientific inquiry – they are censored and silenced by a power that is not clearly seen or understood, but appears in the form of consensus from politicians, media moguls, industrial giants, tech giants along with medical/scientific establishment individuals and entities. They have acted in unison (although not initially) to condemn anyone who would challenge their orthodoxy regarding the Covid 19 virus.

Tech giants such as Google, You Tube, Twitter and others have censored, and removed from their platforms, that which disagrees with the “orthodoxy” of the believe the science people. In addition, major medical organization and government institutions have done the same and with the support of the establishment media. To put it another way, they have shut out all intellectually honest inquiry by the peers in science who disagree with the current “politically correct” scientific orthodoxy. This is dangerous when government, and the establishment in general, seek to silence scientific inquiry and challenges to their orthodoxy.

Why is this going on? One of the wisest movie comments was Hal Holbrook telling Robert Redford in the movie All The President’s Men; “Follow the money.” Here. Money is the “mother’s milk” of politics as some say. We see billionaires who love money. The second most often misquoted Scripture is “Money is the root of all evil.” In fact, the Scripture says the “LOVE” of money is the root of all evil. Big difference. The billionaires love their money, and Bill Gates ( a software engineer and not a medical expert) is heavily invested in the pharmaceutical/vaccine industry as are many politicians. Follow the money first, and then the science.


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