Why Should Christianity Have Any Credibility?

Christians Being Fed To The Lions

It was just men who wrote the Bible, and they were just pushing their agenda. The Bible is a good story – a lot of myths compiled in one book. The Bible is filled with contradictions. These and other comments are made by people who have done little to no investigation into the book, and the veracity of it. In fact, most people making this claim have not read the Bible. Instead, people rely upon other’s claims made out of envy, hatred, ignorance or some other agenda not disclosed, but likely for the purpose of political/spiritual/economic power over masses of people. And there are those who shun the church because they don’t believe in “organized religion”. What they really don’t believe in is the disorganized and hypocritical religion that permeates most all of the church today. They are offended by the truth.

What is the truth? What makes the Bible so credible and long lasting? The first four words in the Bible are pivotal to the entire book; “In the beginning God…” Until someone makes a conscious recognition that God exists, then he will never be moved by the Bible to believe. The only way that someone will believe is if the Holy Spirit works in his/her heart and changes it to become a believing and loving heart. Once that takes place, then the mind can get right. Until then, no amount of cajoling, reasoning, arguing or, for that matter, putting a gun to one’s head will change the heart to believe. Some things that may be beneficial are good examples of Christian love and living. Sharing the Word of God and one’s experiences as a Christian are not only good, but mandated by Scripture.

Even so, it is worth making an argument as to why the Bible is credible. Yes, it was written by men, but those men were inspired to write what they did by God’s Holy Spirit. They wrote in the style of the culture of the day and in terms that were understood by the populace. What did they write? It is a compilation of genealogy, history, religion, law, philosophy, chronology, moral lessons, economics, politics, crime, sin, perversion, degeneracy, violence, war, love, peace, joy, family, friends, social customs, social mores, music, poetry, sociology, psychology, mass psychology, sacrifice, church, worship, preaching, punishment, capital punishment, intrigue, prophecy, visions hardships and more.

What makes the Bible credible is that over the several thousands of years that it was compiled, it has a common thread and continuity that cannot be denied. The term to describe that manifestation from a theological viewpoint would be “Covenantalism”. Simply put, Covenantalism is a common thread of God’s prophecy, promises and laws running through the entire Scripture from beginning to end. There are many other theological approaches that conflict with that understanding, and we won’t deal with them here.

The “common thread” mentioned includes verifiable historical events, names and places confirmed for which have been well and thoroughly documented archaeological research and discoveries, and we will not develop that here. Do your homework, and research it with people in the Reformed Christian community, because there are a lot of fake “professing” Christians and Christ haters out there who will lie through their teeth and distort truth to destroy the credibility of the Bible. Why do they want to do that? There’s too many reasons to explain now other than to say they reject God.

“What is truth”?; Pontius Pilot once said to Jesus before crucifying Him. Truth is not easy to define, and in large part has to be identified by its opposite. Truth is not a lie. Truth is self-existing which means even if nobody knows it or believes it, it is still true. Truth is objective which means that it is not subject to one man’s (woman’s) interpretation or opinion. Truth is based in fact. Fact is a result of verifiable and/or repeatable incidents. That would include at least two eye witnesses to an event and in which both witnesses agree. Of course, the ultimate truth is God’s Word, and He has two eye witnesses – the Son and the Holy Spirit.

As regards the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there were hundreds of witnesses. In the book of Acts, Luke writes that over 500 people witnessed Christ alive after His resurrection. You can’t orchestrate a conspiracy to agree to something like that, and keep all of the conspirators on board unless, in fact, it’s not a conspiracy but true. The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ was prophesied as early as the 3rd chapter of the first book of the Bible in Genesis.

Throughout the Bible are many references to Christ, how He would die, what He would do, what He would be called. It’s even prophesied hundreds of years in advance that when Christ was to be crucified that no bone of His body would be broken, and that was true. You see how Hollywood butchers true stories, and you can rest assured that no conmen could have orchestrated the recording of Christ’s life to match all of the prophesies without some inconsistencies, but there are none.

Additionally, there were several characters who functioned in Biblical history as Christ-like typology. Some examples would be Job, Moses, Joseph and David to name a few. One of the things that makes the Bible so compelling is that, even among the greatest heroes (as named above) of the Bible, none escaped the scrutiny of their sinfulness. Job had a faulty understanding of God. Moses disobeyed a specific command of God’s. Joseph married an unbeliever and sought a form of revenge against his brothers. David was an adulterer and a murderer.

Only Jesus Christ lived a sin free life. Yes, it’s true that there are perverts who would claim that Christ was a homosexual, but there is no evidence of that historically. It’s something that cropped up with the most recent decline in the American society. There are also those who would claim that Christ had an affair with Mary Magdalene, and a child out of wedlock. To both of these claims, there is no historical precedence in writing or tradition. No other man from the Garden of Eden to present day has lived a sinless life. Sin is any want of conformity to the law of God. God’s laws are summarized in the Ten Commandments. They are elaborated upon in the form of statutes throughout the Scriptures and particularly in the Torah (first 5 books of the Bible)

So why the Bible? To what end? Cui bono as the saying goes? Why would people go to their death for believing in Jesus Christ and His resurrection? You know a lot of people did including people depicted in the picture at the beginning of this article. Would you be willing to die for a belief? In particular, would you be willing to die for a belief that put no money in your pocket, possession in you hand and bestowed no prestige upon you among your fellow man? In America today, the fear of death is strong, and people want to live forever, but they don’t want to repent of their sins in order to do that. They are too content with their material pleasures, illicit sexual gratification, selfishness, and libertine lifestyles in general.

A Christian places the salvation of their eternal soul at the top of their priority list right below God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit – a Triune God with three distinct personalities and in one Godhead – Creator of the Heavens, Earth, the seas and all that’s in them, and everything that is, was or ever shall be – the all knowing, seeing, present, powerful, perfect, righteous, true, just, loving, kind, merciful, sovereign, jealous, glorious, gracious, good, self-existing eternal, most Holy, immutable LORD of lords, King of kings, God of gods to Whom every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD.

This writer read the Bible for the first time in 2 consecutive days. The impact was profound because the “Big Picture” became clear as crystal. The Bible is translated into more languages than any other book. It has survived millennia. Unlike any other book, it has survived persecution both within and without the church. It’s been burned, confiscated, denigrated, twisted, distorted, and abused, but it has survived. Why?


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