March 2020 Repost – Bill Gates Wants To Sterilize You & Reduce The World Population By Billions

Bill Gates – Mass Murderer Extraordinaire

Bill Gates To Microchip Everyone!  Of course, there’s the little obstacle of the Constitution in America, but that doesn’t seem to get in the way of the Tech Thugs!  Can you say Joseph Mengele?  Can you say NAZI?  I knew you could!  Remember, Bill Gates video in his own words thinks the world is overpopulated HERE!  Following the command “…be fruitful and multiply…” is anathema to Bill Gates.  Politico comments HERE!  Business Insider comments HERE!  David Icke comments HERE!  Billionaire birth control comments HERE!  Caucus 99% comments HERE!  Marketwatch comments HERE! Government Technology comments HERE!  BBC comments HERE!  Population Reasearch Institute comments HERE! (see Politico comments above), and for the coup de grace Jim Cramer in a related issue comments HERE!    This could go on ad nauseum.  Wealth used for good – great!  Wealth used for evil – not so good!  Forcing people by government fiat to do things against their will is “NOT SO GOOD”!!!

Mike Adams has up to date info HERE.


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  1. I say we should be able to inject Bill Gates, Fauci and Birx with things of OUR choosing. Like lead or steel!


  2. How about concentrating on areas of the world with rampant over population?
    Can’t do that. They are future consumers?


    1. Overpopulation is subject to interpretation, and to give you some perspective, there is enough arable land in the world to support 35 billion people, and 35 billion people could all fit shoulder to shoulder on the island of Hong Kong, or you could give them each 400 square feet in the state of Texas. That leaves a lot of room in this world.


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