Daily Archives: May 12, 2020

What is Truth?

The question was first formally and publicly asked by Pontius Pilate before he had Christ crucified.  Truth comes in three forms; all of which are self-evident and objective in reality.  There is the truth of the Bible, the truth of events and the truth of nature.  The rub comes when man interprets truth.  All men […]

Jogger Shooting In Georgia – Some Truth The Media Isn’t Covering.

  Ahmaud Arbrey – Perfect Angel from Georgia I’ve seen the Full Video: Ahmaud Arbery #GeorgiaShooting  in Georgia.  In the full video, it shows him running down the street in the direction of the white truck and the two men – one in the back of the truck and one on the street on the […]

Bill Gates To Vaccinate Everyone

  Bill Gates – No Doctor, Medical Degree, Or Integrity – He’s Going To Vaccinate You! Bill Gates & Covid 19 Vaccine  Are you ready for the new normal?  Mandatory vaccines – they’re already here, and to boot, you won’t be able to shop, travel, go to school or work if you don’t have an […]