Daily Archives: May 14, 2020

Covid 19 Deaths By County.

  Covid 19 deaths by county: • 1,603 counties (52%) of U.S [in] total have zero deaths • 447 Counties (14%) of U.S. Total have one death • 443 Counties (14%) of U.S. [in] total have two to five deaths For a total of 2,662 out of our nation’s approximately 84,000, yet they’re locked down […]

Pensiamento Thinks He Has The Democrat Strategy Figured Out & It’s Quite A Gambit!

  What do we know for sure; 1.)  Democrat cities and states have underfunded & over promised on government pensions which are due to default! 2.)  Democrats have encouraged and embraced millions of illegal immigrants entering into the U.S. and are giving them free everything.  They have also released criminals from prison unleashing them upon […]