“Nothing In Politics Happens By Chance!”


Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt – 32nd U.S. President

As Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt said; “It’s all very carefully planned!”  As President of the United States for three terms (no other President ever did that), he should have known.  He also said; “What’s wrong with Communists?  Some of my best friends are Communists!”  Keeping that in mind, how convenient is the coronavirus and the resulting stock market decline?  How convenient is a push (openly being done) for Socialism?  If the country is hurting enough, Socialism (the same as Communism) just might hold sway?  Certainly, if nobody has the money to pay major medical expenses, they’ll be happy to have the government do it for them – a recipe for disaster and total slavery for sure.

Remember, 50% of Americans can’t come up with $400 for an emergency without borrowing the money.  60% of Americans can’t come up with $1000 without borrowing it.  That means America is financially very weak, and half or better of Americans are destitute for all intents and purposes.  Additionally, the middle class (the backbone of a free society) has been seriously hollowed out.  America has gone from being a nation of savers to a nation of spenders and debtors.

Bankers have no love of country or fellow man – only wealth and power.  Bankers thrive on other people’s indebtedness.  You’ve seen the bumper sticker; “I owe, I owe; it’s off to work I go!”  The Bible teaches that the borrower is slave to the lender.  Overall debt, at a personal, corporate and government level, is at an all time high across the board.  You can extrapolate from that fact; we as a nation are enslaved!

During an expanding (inflationary) economic time people are paying their debt back with cheaper and easier to come by dollars.  During a shrinking (deflationary) economic time, people are paying their debt back with more expensive and harder to come by dollars.  During deflation, there are bankruptcies galore – especially after an inflationary time when people have taken on debt rampantly and with reckless abandon.  Debt is like an highly addictive drug – like heroin.  It’s a habit that is hard to break, and it is not done rapidly enough  to thwart the ravages of it.

So how does all this apply to Roosevelt’s “carefully planned” scenario?  Firstly, we know that Trump is basically a political neophyte compared to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  Secondly, we know that (at least for appearances sake) Trump is hated by the career politicians and the establishment.  It is reasonable to assume that if Trump were assassinated, that there would be an uprising of historic proportions by the base that supports him.  What is the establishment’s solution then to get rid of Trump without riling his base?  How about a public humiliation – a big one?

Combine a pandemic coronavirus with an economic collapse that cannot be directly traced to the enemies of mankind – the bankers – and you have the makings of the downfall of a popular President.  Trump has arrogantly owned the stock market boom even though he knows that the Fed’s have been buying stocks to support an over priced market – a bubble waiting to pop.  Trump, in this writer’s estimate, has over emphasized, in his own mind’s eye, his power over the Federal Reserve’s criminal cabal.  Is this dual event of coronavirus and stock market decline all very “carefully planned” as Roosevelt said?  It’s obviously very carefully timed to shift support away from Trump.

Will a decimated America with people terrified of gruesome death from coronavirus and impotent financially because there’s no money to be had decide that Socialism doesn’t sound too bad?  Will some “conservatives” jump ship for Socialism?  Time will tell, and one thing of which this writer is certain is that there are some very smart, well organized and well entrenched forces who control our money and therefore our government, and who have been referred to as the deep state.  These people want all the wealth and all the power, and they have been working assiduously toward that goal for nearly three centuries – and probably longer than that!  The books that document that objective are numerous, and many of them are in the words of the deep state players themselves.

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