Why Donating To This BLOG Is The Only Way To Go – And Is Most Appreciated!


Advertisers don’t control what’s on this BLOG because we have no advertisers.  We don’t seek non-profit status, so we, and what we say, are not subject to government approval or permission. If you choose to support this effort, you will not get a tax deduction for your donation, as it will be considered a gift.  In the United States I.R.S. code, anyone can give anyone up to $15,000 a year with no tax or reporting ramifications for the giver or the recipient.  Please consider supporting our volunteer effort no matter how modest your gift, it will be greatly appreciated.  There is no subscription fee because Pensiamento Peligroso does not want to deny those who cannot afford it the ability to be informed.

$1 a month?  $5 a month?  $10 a month?  What’s it worth to you?  To Pensiamento, it’s involved over 5,000 hours of time to sort through the stories and decide what’s really important, and what’s not and of the multiples of the same story, which is best, and even more importantly, what’s real and what’s not!

It’s very easy: below are your various options to help keep this site operating:

Send cash or check (check payable to TSCDLGL, LLC) to:

    2443 S University Blvd. #107
    Denver, CO 80210-5407

Give via PayPal

Donate with PayPal

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