The 4th Of July – Independence Day – A Curse Or A Blessing?


The Declaration of Independence, the document that symbolizes America’s and American’s freedom from the oppression of the British government, a tax system which is a benign pittance compared to today, and a tyrannical King and Parliament, was written by Thomas Jefferson, and actually delivered on July 2nd, but the 4th has become the traditional day to celebrate.

As time has passed, the celebration has taken on a different tone.  There are those who would say that America is just an imperialistic nation run by the rich and war mongers who oppress in their own right minorities and the poor.  Fair enough; there is certainly a lot of that going on, and hypocrisy knows no bounds in our contemporary society.  Some of these people even go so far as to protest in the streets with masks and hit people who disagree with them over the head with led pipes.  These people are aided and abetted (financed) by the likes of George Soros, our governments local and national, and law enforcement turns a blind eye to all of this (see earlier posts on this BLOG – search under Antifa, Protest etc.).  Ask yourself what is going on?

At the top of the heap of the above mentioned group is a self appointed elite who believe that they alone possess the wisdom to govern America with the technocracy of censorship, with the propaganda of the media, and with a corrupt fiat currency called the paper dollar.  In fact, they want to consolidate government under one roof such as the United Nations and submerge U.S. liberty and sovereignty into a world government with no Constitutional protections or blessing for the people.  They know no loyalty to country, God or family (for the most part), and they seek only their own power and wealth at everyone else’s expense.  To them the 4th of July is a meaningless exercise in futility even as they enjoy the blessing of it.

Then there are those who have turned the 4th into a self-indulgent, cavorting food and booze orgy with little to no thought as to how they got there or why they are celebrating.  They are ignorant of the history, most being products of generations of a government education system designed to encourage and perpetuate ignorance, foolishness and dependence upon government and especially the Federal government.

Then there are those who have migrated to America (the great “melting pot”) as some have declared it, and they, unlike the past waves of immigrants, have chosen not to assimilate into America, but instead have chosen to isolate themselves in enclaves and ghettos that are so insular that they don’t, and may never, speak the language of the land. They don’t respect the laws of the land, and they don’t like the people of the land.  They have become a sub-culture with absolutely no regard for the common culture which provides them the governmental protections and benefits which they enjoy.  Why they even came to America is somewhat baffling, although, it is not hard to understand the lure of free money, food, shelter, healthcare, legal counsel and education all of which has a very strong pull.  They are among the tools of the elitists listed above to overthrow America.

Then, you have a large minority of Americans who have a reasonable to a great knowledge of the history and culture behind the 4th’s celebration.  Within that group, most are quite ignorant of the fundamental precepts underpinning the celebration.  In the founding of America, there was one strong battle cry; “No king but King Jesus!”  Christianity is the foundation of our culture and is reaffirmed by numerous U.S. Supreme Court decisions at least, and up until, the mid-1950’s.  Unknown to most Americans is the fact that when the Declaration of Independence was written, there was a push to title it the Declaration of Dependence (dependence upon the God of the Bible).

There are those who would have you believe in separation of Church and State.  Indeed that is the way it should be, but there should be no separation between state and morality, and if not the God of the Bible’s morality, then whose?

Under God’s blessing and mercy, America and Americans have prospered greatly.  If one chooses, they may read Deuteronomy 28, and see the blessings promised ancient Israel if they obeyed God, and the curses if they did not obey.  Any thinking person reading that passage will see some very strong parallels to America’s history and what’s happening today.  God’s precepts do not change, and the specifics due to moral, technological, logistical and governmental “progress” not withstanding, will not excuse our behavior, nor stay His judgment upon America.

Before the fireworks, before the barbecue, before the comfort, before the excitement, before the booze, before the self-indulgence; God.  Then celebrate His blessing with zeal and vigor.


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