When You’ve Got Nothing, You’ve Got Nothing To Lose & When You’ve Got Nothing To Lose, You Lose It!


When you have nothing to lose, then you “lose it” which means you can go berserk and do things you might not normally do like, rob, steal, plunder, riot, murder, rape, pillage, squat, poop on the sidewalk, take drugs become a drunkard etc. etc.

Why is the United States bringing in so many illegal immigrants?  It is the plan of the Rockefellers, Bush’s, Soros’s, Kissinger’s, Newsroome’s, Pelosi’s, and the bankers who run them and this country (Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase etc.) to destroy our culture, our economy and our heritage.  They will destroy our traditions, attack Christianity, favor illegal immigrant criminals while oppressing honest hard working citizens.  If you can’t see that, you’re a FOOL, and they are LAUGHING AT YOU!


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Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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  1. Mike Andrews · · Reply

    Nietzsche has long been a respected source of honest, truthful information at the humanistic level, but there is a higher teaching which goes beyond the quagmire of ignorance imposed upon us by our belief in the monotheistic deity.
    As the noble Ancients wrote and taught long ago, before the advent of the Age of Kali, the Supreme Being, which many refer to as ‘God,’ remains ever unknowable except through It’s emanations, of which the universe and we are one.
    Accordingly, we are all separate logoic radiations of THAT (for want of a name) which is the ever Unknowable, Rootless Root of all existence, self-existent in Its own right, beyond which there is no other.
    In a universe based on the Synthesis of Powers under the One Life and Law (Karma) and operating under the agency of Free Will, there is no place for a monotheistic god.
    We are all separate individuals with separate divine progenitors, each divine Being imparting to Its ‘child,’ the human soul, whose number is four, its wondrous Nature within a framework defined by the child’s ability to receive.
    Just as no two snowflakes are identical in geometric configuration, no two humans are the same, even in the case of ‘identical’ twins, each of whom demonstrates minor nuances of difference one from the other.
    Would it anger those who are steeped in religious teachings if I write that our lives consist of nothing more and nothing less than the effects of former action?
    It is true.
    We were all given our wondrous start long ago by divine Beings Who are sparks from the Master Architect’s anvil, who sacrificed their well being to begin a labor of love that would result in us.
    It may be said that each life-time allocated to us is a blessing from above, in the sense that we are given almost endless chances to improve ourselves via the great Cycle of Renewal: birth-life-death-rebirth; yet in terms of what is believed a god-given blessing, birth is merely the result of former process.
    As individuals advance and become aware of the higher, divine component, they move closer to liberation from the trammels of incarnate existence. Many great humans have already completed the journey, ascending to the level of Archons, who are the archetypes of humanity, as they have gone beyond this pale of tears through courage, valiant effort and meritorious acts.
    Such allegorical references as made to Job, Jason, Hercules (Heracles) and many others depict the long struggle of real humans who completed the great cycle prematurely, ascending to FREEDOM.
    In every such story there is some type of monster symbolizing the great cycle that had to be defeated.
    Jason, learning of a wondrous golden fleece which was said to be draped on a lower branch of the Tree of Life, undertakes a long voyage to the far away land where the prize awaits him, and, discovering the fleece he no sooner reaches for it than the terrible, seven-headed Hydra, guardian of the fleece, slithers from its lair to attack him.
    But Jason, unlike his predecessors who failed, draws his sword and stabs the monster to its heart, killing the beast and throwing it down upon the rocks, etc.
    In the seven-headed Hydra we note a symbolism of the great seven-fold cycle, which Jason-the-archetype defeats through merit.
    Most religious scripture consists of allegory posited as dead-letter fact.
    . . . But we must learn to read ‘between the lines.’


    1. Mike,

      You leave me in a quandary. You have mixed truth with lies and confusion. You’ve made it too complicated to respond. You have my sympathy, and I would recommend that you first establish the basis for your world view. If it is man’s reason, you will never hit the mark. If it is the reason of the Creator of the universe amd man, then you are off to a good start. If indeed the God of creation is the basis for your world view, then He is very “knowable”, and full of grace to guide you into His fold.


  2. As Ecclesiastes says; “There’s a time for everything under the sun.” That ultimately may include violent revolution and civil war. That’s not something I want to see, but it may be foisted upon us. When it comes, there will be no fence straddling.


  3. 100% correct but what canKoe Taxpayer do about it?


    1. A taxpayer has to choose between being honest or dishonest. A taxpayer includes us all, because all goods and services include, in the price, numerous taxes, and then there’s income tax and property tax. How insidious it is to own a piece of property, and yet you don’t own it because the government can take it from you if you don’t pay the tax on it. How insidious it is to have your labor taxed which is a violation of the Constitution, but who understands, let alone adheres to, the Constitution these days – certainly not the politicians, NGO’s, political parties, poor, rich, minorities etc. It is, second only to the Bible, the one thing we all have (or should have) in common, and the divide and conquer strategy pitting us all against each other has undermined the Constitution dramatically, and as of today, almost totally.


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