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A Critical Question That Must Be Answered & Quickly Please!

  If it is a crime to call a person who once claimed to be a man a man after they have declared themselves a woman, then are the criminal charges dropped if the “woman” decides they don’t like being a “woman”, and they go back to being a man? Lancet Decries Conservative ‘Backlash’ Against […]

Vile Activist Is Ordered To Pay Judicial Watch $22,000 + $4,000 Litigation Expense

  Antifa Activist Must Pay Judicial Watch.   Finally a judge with enough moxie to do what’s right.  Yvette Felarca is a teacher at a Berkeley CA public indoctrination center more formally known as a school.  She has a reputation for violence and a close association with Antifa and BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) which are […]

Video – The Future Is Now! 60% Of All Americans Are Effectively Broke – One Paycheck Away From Bankruptcy & Foreclosure On Their Homes!

  Americans Are Bankrupt!   This is a financial debacle, although it is a moral, spiritual, and philosophical bankruptcy as well.  Bankers are rubbing their hands with glee as they anticipate being able to own everything for ten cents on the dollar, and they create all of the dollars out of thin air! Many Links Below […]

Video – Bilderberger Thugs Arrive In Montreux Switzerland To Plan & Run Your Life & Nobody Will Speak Against Them If They Have Their Way!

  Bilderberger Thugs & Dictators In Charge   You, your life, and your property are not safe as long as these people rule the world. Related posts: 16 Minute Video Analysis & Review Of The 2017 Bilderberger Meeting In Virginia A Letter To A Researcher With Extraordinary Talents – An Eye Opener! You WILL LEARN From This!!! Many […]

A Note To An Atheist Friend On The Separation Of Church & State & The Survival Of America!

  Separation of church and state is in the Bible. In the Torah and the book of Samuel, it is made clear that the king shall not meddle in the church, and the church shall not assume the position of the king, although the church is allowed to use the bully pulpit to rebuke the […]