Reparations For Black Slavery – A Good Idea?


“Reparations”, if this writer understands them correctly, amounts to the taking of monies from white people and giving it to black people as restitution for white people in America having once held slaves, and also having discriminated against black people well into the 1960’s, and some of that discrimination has lingered even to today.  Of course, there’s nothing new about slavery and its close cousin serfdom.  White people have been slaves.  Jews have been slaves.  Christians have been slaves – it’s nothing new.

What this writer would like to know is how much in reparations should be paid to the black billionaire who paid off the student loans of the entire graduating class of a black college?  How much should be paid to  wealthy U.S. Presidential candidate Herman Cain?  How much should be paid to billionaires Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan?   And then we have adamant proponents of reparations such as Danny Glover who’s quite wealthy,  or current Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, and outspoken radical Communist and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (whose net worth here is likely very underestimated because she has very valuable real estate in Los Angeles in an upscale white neighborhood, and don’t forget outspoken leftist LeBron James.  And then there’s Barack Obama who is already getting reparations from white guilt voting him into office, and now he has a handsome pension for life.

Then, you have conservative blacks who wouldn’t touch reparations with a ten foot pole such as famed economist Walter Williams, famed journalist Thomas Sowell, and former U.N. Ambassador Alan Keyes (all 3 being wealthy in their own right, but not listed on, and less notables such as Coleman Hughes who was booed by leftists in Congress when he testified against reparations.  Consider also how blacks live throughout most of Africa, and ask yourself, if they may be better off in America today.  The list goes on, but let’s not beat a dead horse.

What about deciding who is responsible to pay reparations?  Should we make the Mideast Arabs and Black African tribes who sold slaves to slave traders be responsible?  Should we ask Democrats who held slaves and pushed and enforced Jim Crow laws in the south.  How about making the Democrat Senate Whip Robert Byrd who was a Grand Wizard for the Ku Klux Klan pay?  Remember, the left always accuses their opponents of doing the same thing that they do.  Can we make people (white or black) who moved to the United States after slavery was ended be responsible or be recipients as the case may be?

Should we hold people responsible who fought (many of whom were maimed and killed) for the North in the Civil war in opposition to slavery?  Shall we hold black slave owners accountable?  What shall we do with mixed race couples?  Shall we hold the white spouse accountable, and not the black spouse?  What about kids of mixed race couples – shall we hold them 50% accountable?  How will we determine if a mixed race person is 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 part black?  Shall we hold them fractionally responsible?  Are all white people guilty, or are those white people who hate white people and want reparations for blacks exempt from paying reparations, or maybe, if candidates, they are just trying to buy votes – nah, say it ain’t so!

We haven’t even scratched the surface, because we have not figured out how much to pay whom?  Shall we find out the net worth of each black, and then bring them up to a certain level, or shall we pay everyone who is black, no matter how much they are worth, the same amount?  How will that money be obtained?  Certainly the hundreds of thousands of homeless white people in America cannot fork over any money.  Those whites barely getting by cannot pay anything.  The millions of unemployed whites who are on public assistance cannot pay anything.

Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates etc. will likely not pay anything because they have too much political clout.  Donald Trump, Lindsay Graham, Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary and Bill Clinton et. al. are not going to pay anything, although they may “feel your pain” Mr./Ms. Black Person.  In fact, anyone willing to do a little investigating can see how many black people Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Foundation cheated by taking money for Haiti’s charitable needs after Hurricane Matthew devastated that island nation.  Hillary and Bill never even helped Haiti nearly as much as they helped themselves, though that’s the reason they received millions in donations.  The Clinton Foundation was totally corrupt and gave less than 10% of its revenues to charity which is a violation of the laws that govern charities.  Bill and Hillary made out like bandits though!  So much for “liberal” largess and compassion.

So, who owes what and how much to whom, and how will it be determined, and who will determine it, and who will collect it. and who will distribute it – please don’t tell me Hillary will be in charge!  Lastly, there is not one scintilla of Constitutional justification for reparations, although the Constitution, under our crooked politicians and ignorant and apathetic populace, may just be dead!

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