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Neil Z. Miller Vaccines
Neil Z. Miller – Editor
May 2019

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Vaccine Bulletin
Neil Z. Miller, editor
Neil MillerWelcome to the latest issue of the Thinktwice Bulletin. Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) listed the anti-vaccine movement as a global health threat. WHO is an international organization that supports injecting infants with high quantities of mercury and aluminum despite numerous studies confirming they are toxic substances that cause neurological and immunological harm. My recent paper on aluminum in vaccines summarizes some of these studies and also shows that health authorities are aware of these hazards but choose to ignore them. Twenty years ago, the CDC conducted a study confirming that mercury in vaccines causes autism. The CDC didn’t like the findings so they refused to publish the study. The CDC continues to recommend mercury- and aluminum-containing vaccines for pregnant women and babies. Therefore, I believe that the World Health Organization and CDC are the true threats to global health.

Many of the people labeled as “anti-vaccine” were pro-vaccine until their children were severely disabled or killed by vaccines. They trusted their doctors and vaccinated their loved ones according to the CDC’s recommended immunization schedule. They watched with their own eyes as their previously healthy babies became deathly ill or regressed in behavior shortly after receiving a cocktail of shots. It is a dangerous practice to receive multiple drugs/vaccines simultaneously. Dr. Gary Goldman and I wrote a paper, published in Human and Experimental Toxicology, confirming that babies who receive multiple vaccines concurrently are at increased risk of hospitalization and death.

Also earlier this year, Congressman Adam Schiff wrote separate letters to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jeff Bezos of Amazon requesting them to censor vaccine misinformation. In these letters, Schiff claimed that “there is no evidence that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases.” If Schiff is concerned about the spread of vaccine misinformation, then he ought to stop spreading vaccine misinformation! As a member of Congress, he should be aware of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program established by Congress to compensate families when their loved ones are damaged or killed by vaccines. To date, more than $4 billion has been paid out precisely because vaccines were shown to cause disabling diseases and death.

CNN Business Report also wrote two open letters to Amazon demanding that they remove anti-vaccine videos and books – a modern-day book-burning! They singled out my book, Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies, as one that is especially concerning. Amazon responded by removing some vaccine documentaries from its Prime Video streaming service. The threat of censorship caused sales of my book to skyrocket. (My book is a summary of 400 peer-reviewed studies, so if they censor my book they are censoring science.) If you haven’t read my book yet, it’s still available from Amazon and also from the publisher. Thank you, Amazon, for thus far resisting the call for total censorship. 


Measles is in the news again. Unvaccinated people are being blamed for spreading the infection. However, vaccinated people are contracting measles. This indicates that the vaccine is defective. The manufacturer should be held accountable rather than scapegoating innocent people.

In the U.S., approximately 95% of all children have been vaccinated against measles. Yet, authorities claim that the final 5% must be vaccinated to provide herd immunity. However, according to Dr. Gregory Poland, Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic and the editor of the journal Vaccine, measles in highly vaccinated populations primarily occurs among those previously vaccinated and eradication of measles is unlikely. He claims that new measles vaccines are necessary.

In a recent study, scientists confirmed that measles can be spread from fully vaccinated people to other fully vaccinated people. Widespread measles vaccination reduced public exposure to the wild measles virus reducing opportunities to boost immunity among vaccinated people, which contributes to waning antibody levels, loss of population immunity to measles, and an increased ability of vaccinated persons to transmit the disease.

The World Health Organization recognizes 24 genotypes of the measles virus. All of the vaccine strains are associated with genotype A. Wild measles viruses of genotype A are no longer circulating. During the measles outbreak in California in 2015, many of the cases occurred in people who were recently vaccinated. Of the 194 cases where the measles virus was identified, 37.6% were confirmed as vaccine-related.

In China, measles cases have increased over the last decade. Scientists analyzed the measles strains and found a significant variation rate between the vaccine-strains and wild-type strains. According to the authors of this study, “Our findings suggest that wild-type measles virus gene variation and antigenic drift between wild-type and vaccine measles virus strains may contribute to the increase in the numbers of measles cases reported in China recently.”

Chronically Sick Children

A recent study published in Academic Pediatrics found that 54% of all U.S. children have at least 1 of 22 different chronic health conditions, including autism, allergies, ADHD, developmental delays, diabetes, seizures, and more. Peer-reviewed studies published in medical journals provide evidence that childhood vaccines increase the risk of developing all of these chronic health conditions.

Immunization Ploys: 30 Dirty Tricks Used by the Medical Profession to Hoodwink the Public

I have been investigating vaccines for more than 3 decades. In 1994, I wrote an exposé revealing 30 tactics used by the medical industry to deceive the masses. For example, beware of the Surprise Attack. Don’t be fooled by Variable and Illogical Recommendations. Bribes, Fraud, and Outright Lies are common schemes as well. These stratagems are still in use today. Due to popular demand, Immunization Ploys is once again available to read and share.

Update on Vaccine Laws

Several states have introduced bills that seek to remove philosophical, religious and/or medical exemptions to vaccination. Thousands of parents and other concerned individuals have testified before House and Senate committees. Groups in New York, New Jersey, Colorado and elsewhere have purchased cases of my book, Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies (at a steep discount), so that every legislator could receive a copy and become quickly educated about the scientifically documented risks of vaccination. In Colorado, the vaccine bill was defeated by everyone’s hard work educating lawmakers. The governor, Jared Polis, also received a copy of my book, and wrote a formal thank you note in recognition.

Watch Videos of Neil Z. Miller Discussing Vaccines
Lecture and interview topics include over-vaccinated babies, aluminum, mercury, influenza, pertussis, HPV, the CDC, industry corruption, and lots more. I summarize two of my published studies as well.
Watch a 10-minute video on the flu vaccine here.
Watch a 90-minute lecture here.
Watch a 90-minute interview here.


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