The Components Of Success – What’s The Right Combination?


We had best know the meaning of success before answering the question.  Success is the achieving of a goal, or even the receiving of blessings not pursued, but perceived by others as having been achieved.  Failure is often perceived as the opposite of success.  Life, most generally, is a series of successes and failures.  Failure usually precedes success because failure is a much more powerful learning experience than success.  You could say that success is the fruit of failure.  Thomas Edison was lauded for the invention of the light bulb.  He attributed it to over 1000 failures before he had success.  Pain is something failure brings, but those who benefit from failure use it as a learning experience to go on and succeed.

To answer the question, the “components” of success are as follows; a goal, knowledge, allies, desire, direction, ability, talent, zeal, perseverance, personality, providing a need for others, commitment, communication skills, convincing others, timing, tenacity, capital, and prioritization.  If you can think of others, that’s great.

Let’s analyze the components one by one; “Knowledge” of what is needed for you to have success?  This will give you “direction” and a “goal”.  Keep in mind that knowledge is a combination of personal experience combined with the collective experience of the ages.  Firstly, you must be able to know the current situation in which you are confronted.  Then you must be able to put it in the context of the history that brought you to the current state.  Then you must be able to project into the future what you believe will be necessary to achieve success, and this will give you your “goal”.

Once you have a goal, then you need allies – those who share your goal, and may be or are definitely willing to support you in your effort.  There are NO SELF MADE people.  There are people who stand head and shoulders above others in their success, but everyone has needed others to achieve that success.  Those “others” include parents, family, neighbors, friends, teachers, pastors, employers and so on.  In order to obtain and retain allies,  you are going to need other of the components listed such as:

Desire to impart convincing evidence to your allies that you are serious,

Direction so they can see where you want to go with your desire – a goal!

Ability so they know you can do it.

Talent to demonstrate the ability you claim is more than average.

Zeal so they know your heart is in it.

Perseverance so they know you will not give up in the face of failure, and will learn from failure.

Personality so that you can inspire others of the worthiness of your goal and make it all a pleasant experience for your allies on your journey to success, and many of your allies may experience success themselves along the way.  A generous spirit will help in this aspect.

Providing a need, so the goal has credibility and applicability.

Commitment so they know that you are all in 100%

Communication skills so that what’s in your mind as a goal can be effectively transmitted to the minds of others.

Convincing others so that they will be 100% on board with your goal and efforts.

Timing so that your goal is something that your targeted subject is ready for your idea and/or efforts.  The world doesn’t need buggy whips any more.

Tenacity, so that everyone knows that you won’t let go even if you’re hanging on by your finger nails with alligators nipping at your heels in the moat below.

Capital so that your goal can be financed to its fruition.

Prioritization so if you have all of the above and phenomenal success, you may still be lacking one thing.  You must, first and foremost for peace of mind if nothing else, look to the God of the Bible for you to enjoy your success.  Peace of mind, and peace with God are indeed the ultimate in success!  How many rich and “successful” people have committed suicide or led miserable lives rolling in wealth and the lap of luxury?  God will give you the grace to see it through in peaceful harmony with Him.  Don’t forget God.

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