Health Freedom – May Be More Elusive Than You Thought.


A Vaccine Lawyer Has Been Under Attack.  Alan Phillips, vaccine rights attorney needs your help.  The North Carolina Bar Association is using thug tactics and illegal procedures to quash Alan’s dissent.  The pharmaceutical industry is not your friend – they want your money, and they don’t care how they get it or who gets hurt in the process!

Update April 5, 2019: A LOT Has Happened!

1. On Feb 12, 2019, a NC judge ruled that:
a) NC State Bar Attorneys may investigate complaints against themselves, when the law says another state Bar has to do that to avoid the obvious conflict of interest (?!),
b) there’s no conflict of interest with Bar attorneys suing Phillips when Phillips has good-faith complaints against Bar attorneys that have never been properly investigated (so the Bar doesn’t have to get outside counsel as Phillips requested) (?!),
c) the Bar may investigate Phillips despite not accusing him of any specific wrongdoing when the law requires an “allegation of misconduct” (?!).
Each of these is blatantly illegal. It doesn’t take a legal rocket-scientist to see a judicial cover-up of State Bar corruption.

Phillips is appealing the decision, but will the NC Appellate Court join the cover-up? Stay tuned…

The Bar’s current investigation of Phillips is effectively: “Phillips works with clients nationally, so he must be doing something wrong somewhere, despite our finding nothing wrong with his detailed description of everything he does in his law practice. So, we need to dig through 100’s of client files to see if we can find (or, more accurately, invent) a problem!”

Phillips’ complaints against the NC Bar: About 30 pages documenting a years-long pattern of misconduct on the part of a group of NC Bar attorneys, including State Bar leadership, supported by 2 independent experts’ legal analyses. Include documented instances in letters, email, and a court transcript of Bar attorneys literally making up facts and law, including disturbing efforts to cover-up Phillips’ and others’ complaints against themselves.

2. The judge also ordered Phillips to provide discovery (documents, answers to questions, etc.). Phillips refused, because the entire proceeding has been unlawful from the start, and the Bar will simply make up more facts and law to use against him. So, Phillips is in contempt of court for violating the court’s order. Potential penalties include going to jail.

3. Phillips responded to the cover-up court order by filing 7 motions, including 3 addressing the NC Bar’s misconduct. But mysteriously, those 3 motions were not scheduled with the other four for the upcoming court hearing on or near April 22nd, and Phillips’ emails about this have gone unanswered. This is a blatant violation of Phillips’ rights. (Did I mention that the corruption in NC runs deep?)

4. On March 11th, Phillips sent 50+ pages documenting NC State Bar misconduct to 19 NC State officials in all 3 branches of government. A list of recipients and redacted proof are posted here). So far, one state legislator has responded and is looking into this! Stay tuned…

5. GoFundMe removed Phillips’ Legal Defense Fund page claiming it violated their policies. Phillips replaced the GoFundMe page with a new Legal Defense Fund link HERE.

6. Finally, the NC Bar filed a motion asking the court to hold Phillips in contempt. Will the court even allow Phillips to present the real evidence–NC State Bar misconduct–in his defense?! Stay tuned…

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Together we can all win; separately we will all lose!
In service and solidarity, and with humble gratitude,

Alan Phillips, J.D.
Vaccine Rights Attorney

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