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Planned Parenthood, which reported more than $1.6 billion in revenues in 2017-18, while posting over $240 million in “excess revenues,” is estimated to have made nearly $160 million performing over 330,000 abortions last year, according to National Right to Life’s annual report.

The report found the Planned Parenthood abortion corporation and its affiliates received $344.5 million in federal funds and another $1.2 billion in funding from Medicaid (which includes a combination of federal and state funds) for a total of $1.5 billion over three years from federal programs. The abortion giant receives $1.2 billion from Medicaid, $201 million from the Title X family planning program $40.6 million from Title XX Social Services block grants and $25.9 million from the Title V Maternal and Child health Services block grant.

Why does such a big company and such a profitable company need taxpayer financing.  Is the Federal Government in the abortion business?  Reported revenues verses receipts from the government don’t exactly jive.  On top of that, Planned Parenthood is now giving its employees a quota system for increasing abortions?  Something’s really wrong here?  See the movie Gosnell , Roe Vs. Wade (with an all star cast) and Unplanned If abortion gets outlawed, then the next step is homosexuality and the pederasty/pedophilia that accompanies it and perpetuates it.

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  1. Richard Wayne · · Reply

    So how much did they make off selling fetus’ for experiments to determine the effectiveness of vaccines, rather the vaccine will kill the recipient sooner or later? Yep, that’s what they do, they use fetus’ to test their re-set on.


    1. Not sure how much they make off fetuses, but off of the human body, they can make close to a $million. A gram of bone marrow goes for $15,000. It’s more profitable to let someone die off of life support once the organs are officially donated than to let that person survive and be treated effectively. Scary. I am not an organ donor for just that reason – plus I’m too old now.


  2. Sam Nelson · · Reply

    What is coming is so bad, but every bit of it deserved.
    When the citizens demand the Government and the Professionals enforce Laws that demand of them that they sacrifice their babies on the altar of the Banker Gods, blood sacrifices, for a third temple, or, what?
    Better than a red heifer, the blood of the Goyim’s babies is coveted. Like Esther, in the the Francis Bacon, Ashkenazi, KJV, Christian bible, the Gods just cannot get enough of our goyim blood.
    Now, they demand it from the goyim even before it is fully formed!
    Or, right after it is born, fresh meat, powerful blood, a filthy rich scum bag might get a minute more of life from it.
    What is coming to the citizens of the world, the Goyim, is so bad, but, it has nothing to do with gods or devils, right or wrong, karma, or anything like these, it is just the way it is. When things kill their babies, bad things, real bad things, happen.
    What are we spiders or what?
    Do you not know, the killers of us citizens will use this (abortion) theme, in time, in time to qualify their killing of us, when the re-set is authorized, and, in effect. These users of the blood of children, these murderous traitors to nation and folk, will cry, they killed their little babies, they do not deserve to live! And so, it will be and so true, nothing will cry, for our dying. If we had any goodness left it is in the fire with the remains of the babies our Leadership has led us to kill.
    Nothing is left of us, worth saving…
    Our future, sold to the rich ones, the chosen ones, so they can flavor our food with the remains of our children, making us cannibals, worse than the “blood of Jesus, the body of Christ” which was the beginning of our blood lust, sorrow, a sad beginning, to our terrible end.
    But, have no fear, all we have to do is what we demand of our babies, all we have to do is die. The best part of this is most of the citizens, Goyim, are so brainwashed, dumbed down, so ‘religious,’ they fear death, so it will be a torment, for a while, for them. To know this, gives me such great pleasure. As well, these blood on their hands Goyim have children they did not kill in the womb or upon being born, children, they do love, as the filthy rich and the man Gods have children they love, and, seemingly cherish, so none of IT can escape judgement, their own judgement.
    Ie, thou shall not commit murder, nothing to do with Gods or Devils, nothing that is a mystery, but it is a Law we are taught and a Law that will kill us all, in time.


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