Daily Archives: March 17, 2019

An Open Letter To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. YOU’RE NUTS LADY!!!!

Open Letter To AOC!   This letter breaks down the kilowatt hours that need to be produced, and the cost to produce them by wind power.  It’s a detailed article, but if you want some ammunition to deal with the warm fuzzy liberal mindlessness before we’ve lost everything, here it is!  If you’re too lazy to […]

Body Cam Video Of Actual Mosque Shooting In New Zealand By Leftist Brenton Tarrant Who Wanted To Cause Problems For U.S. & Trump. There Is Reason To Be Suspicious Of This Video!

  Link below shows Brenton moving through the Mosque in less than a minute.  Terrifying thought that someone can be that ruthless – almost as bad as the Central Bankers!  Under any circumstances, this has to be a false flag event.  What is not clear is why there are no blood splatters from the shooting?  […]