The Difference Between The Republican & Democrat Party & Rank & File Members


Americans are led to believe that they have a choice, and that is the strength of our “democracy”.  Let’s first clear the air about “democracy”.  You will not find that word anywhere in the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution.   America is without a doubt (see 10 minute and 5 minute follow up videos linked here) a republic.  Here’s why; a republic is “rule by law”.  The Constitution is the “supreme law of the land”, or so it says, although those in power and their financiers behind the scenes don’t want it to be so.  The price of freedom is eternal vigilance by those who are ruled, and hopefully for the republic’s sake by the rulers themselves.  As a republic, there are certain laws (rights) that are inalienable (can’t be taken away) and “God given” which means there is no higher authority over those rights.  So, to conclude on this issue, the USA is a republic with representatives democratically elected to uphold the fixed laws (rights) listed in the Constitution and in so doing, apply those laws as a foundation for any new laws which they pass to stay up to date with economic, societal and technological changes.  The Federalist Papers were written by the founding fathers to explain why the Constitution was written the way it was and to convince the people to go along with it.

Why and how does this relate to our leaders in the Republican and Democrat parties?  It is related, because both parties pay lip service to the Constitution, but in essence they pervert and twist the “original intent” as is explained in the Federalist Papers, and is also clearly stated in the language of the Constitution as well.  Instead, they pursue their own agenda which is obviously turning the Constitution upside down and turning America into a Socialist or Communist state – maybe even fascist – they are all totalitarian forms of government.  Socialism is when the government controls everything; Communism is when the government owns everything, and Fascism is when corporations and government jointly own and control everything.  To the little guy, there’s not a whole lot of difference as he comes out on the short end of the stick no matter what.  It should be duly noted that the banksters have a lever over both parties because they control the money.

So, back to differences; the Democratic Party leans in favor of Socialism and Communism.  The Republican Party leans toward Socialism and Fascism.  Within both parties, there are dissenters, although the dissenters in the Democrat Party are very few and very quiet.  The Republican Party, has a dominant group called Neocons (new conservatives) who came into play after WW II, and have grown to their dominant position slowly until the 1990’s when they gained control of the Republican Party.  Neocons are Trotskyites.  The name comes from Leon Trotsky who jointly pursued the Bolshevik Revolution with Vladimir Lenin.  Trotsky was favoring a softer approach than Lenin.  That made Trotsky a Menshevik (minority) and Lenin a Bolshevik (majority).  The result was that Trotsky had to flee Russia for Mexico where Lenin’s successor Joseph Stalin, not wanting political competition, had Trotsky assassinated.

Now you have an idea of the foundational thinking of the Democratic and Republican Parties both of which are controlled by very wealthy elitists who have neither party nor national loyalties, but are totally self-absorbed in their own personal power and wealth and working jointly with their fellow wealthy to monopolize and ultimately steal everything on the planet save what their friends have.  Sooner or later their greed will cause them to fight amongst themselves.  Some would call that kind of activity a conspiracy. (see related post at end of this article)

So, we can see that the difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties are nominal and superficial at best.  The idea behind having two parties is that the people (voters) can throw the “rascals” from one party out of office and vote in new “rascals” from the “opposing” party (note opposing in quotes).  This creates the illusion of the people having a choice and gives them the perceived ability to vent their anger, dissatisfaction and frustration while nothing materially changes.  It’s too expensive for the wealthy to have more than two parties to control, so we only have two viable parties (see the post below for a more detailed explanation of all of this).

Although the average American does not see us at war, war has been declared nonetheless.  American’s own government has declared war on all Americans and upon the world secondarily.  The tools of this war are lies (propaganda), fiat currency, debt (individual, corporate, government), heavy, expensive and oppressive regulations, laws, taxes and penalties for non-compliance, socialized medicine, combined with a standing military that is represented in over 135 countries around the world.  The people behind the scenes with all of the wealth, work in harmony with their stooges in Congress and the White House foisting upon the world (including America) massive inflation, massive refugee dislocations, wars which cause refugees and death, cultural deprivations such as illicit drug use, recreational legal drug use, toxic medicines, vaccines that sterilize women, sexual perversion, tyrannical dictatorships, undermining of sovereign governments, media propaganda to spread and/or reinforce this perfidiousness, poisonous pesticides, chemicals, insidious medical experiments (think NAZI Germany), Franken-foods and so on.

So, where does the rank and file Democrat or Republican citizen stand on all of this?  They all are lied to of course, and their passions are inflamed by those lies which have very effectively polarized Americans to such an extreme that they are willing to fight each other and even kill each other.  Meanwhile the puppet masters at the top know full well that the most successful military strategy in the history of the world is to divide and conquer.  So, if you are a “Democrat” or a “Republican”, this writer suggests that you apply your intellect (if it hasn’t been stolen from you by the government; mis-named “public” school system).  The word intelligent comes from two Latin words; inter which means between, and legare the verb form for the ability to choose.  Literally, to be intelligent, you must give yourself the ability to choose between.  Between what you say?  Choose between truth and lie, between good and evil, between right and wrong, between Christ and Satan, and not necessarily between Democrat or Republican which are just two sides of the same coin.  You must look at other coins!

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