A Scary, But Very Plausible Thought Has Crossed The Mind Of Pensiamento Peligroso – What Say You?


Is it possible that there is collusion between the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) represented by the pharmaceutical industry and its backers in the Rockefeller family, the food industry, and the chemical companies – all of whom are aided and abetted by a Fascist government through unaccountable bureaucrats in the FDA, CDC, EPA etc.?  As you read the following, keep in mind that regulatory agencies are usually run by industry insiders who will not step on their industry, and regulatory agencies are designed to protect the powerful in an industry and put out of business any competition to those powerful industry giants.  Look at all the holistic doctors who have mysteriously died (see related post below) because they have been successful in treating diseases and promoting healthy living.

Consider that the medical industrial complex makes its money off of sick people – not healthy people.  Consider that governments are mandating vaccines upon the populace to the tune of a minimum of 27 by the time all of the booster shots are administered to children by the time they are 16 or younger.  Consider that vaccines contain aluminum and mercury – two well known and documented neuro-toxins!  All of this is approved by the FDA, enforced by the departments of education and health where children cannot attend school without these shots, and nurses and doctors cannot work around patients without these shots.  Consider the radical and rapid escalation of  neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, autism, Alzheimer’s, myosthenia-gravis and more.  These diseases were neither known, nor the nature of them recognized in America 100 years ago.  People were relatively healthy in America 100 years ago, and what’s different?  100 years ago, there was no FDA, CDC, EPA!  Yes, life spans have been extended since then, although at what cost as far as quality of life, and would that have happened anyway with a few reasonable developments like antibiotics which, although heavily abused, have saved a lot of lives.  Additionally, surgery techniques and diagnostic equipment have had a dramatic benefit?

Now, let’s take a look at food.  The government has approved GMO’s which are the fruit of the chemical industry.  Along with that are very harsh pesticides and herbicides which are destroying the bee population without which the world food supply cannot thrive or survive.  Alright, you want more than that – right?  Read ingredients in the processed foods on your grocery shelf.  Just take a popular bread, pizza rolls or snack food, and the ingredient list sounds like an obscene language from an alien planet.  If you are even capable of pronouncing the ingredients, do you know what they are?  The chemical companies do, and to a lesser extent, the food manufacturers utilizing them might, but neither of them know, or are willing to tell what damages these things can do to the average person.  Again, Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, Acid Reflux, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, cancer etc. etc.  And, in what are these foods frequently packaged – including canned goods?  They utilized PLASTIC which gives off  PCB’s and has been found in every human in America, and in many of the fish of the oceans.  Who facilitates all of this – the FDA and the EPA among others.  Just some food for thought – pun intended!


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