All’s Well Now – They Found & Arrested The Perpetrator Of The Pipe Bombs! Cesar Sayoc Is Just A Patsy.


Wouldn’t you know it, the guy  had Trump stickers all over his car.  He was registered a Republican although formerly a Democrat.  His Twitter account followed nothing but leftist organizations and Democrats NO REPUBLICANS!  Answer this question; HOW DID HE GET ALL OF THESE PEOPLE’S ADDRESSES?  He had to have help from a complicit Democrat!!!  The “victims” are not listed in any public address system – that’s for sure.  This guy is another “patsy” Lee Harvey Oswald.  He’s filed for bankruptcy so you know he needed money, and George Soros has lots of money.  He’s given it to ANTIFA and BLM to name a few.  How many times can the Democrats get away with crying “wolf”  or perpetrate false flags before Americans wake up and smell the roses?  Mr. Rogers wants to know if you can say; “false flag”?  That’s FALSE flag.

More recently published analysis: Pipe Bomber Evidence

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