Scary, Scary Pipe Bombs Ooooooh!!! 5 To 1 Odds Soros & Democrats Behind The Whole Thing.


Pipe Bombs sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama, CNN, Waters et. al.  How do we know without a shred of doubt that this is a false flag?  First of all, nobody was hurt, and none of the devices exploded.  Secondly, there was an emphasis that the packages had “American Flag” postage stamps on them (implying a right wing patriot connection – NOT!”).  Thirdly only a fool would think that George Soros (a multi-billionaire) would go out to his mail box to retrieve his mail – he has servants who lick his boots and fawn over him serving him coffee in the morning, and they are the ones who will get the mail – if indeed he ever gets mail at his home address in the first place.  Next, why would you put a timer on a pipe bomb when the objective would be to have it explode while handling it or opening it?  “Hey, look at this pipe bomb I found – it’s set to go off in six hours – oh what shall I do?”   Then it’s notable, that all of these devices were found on the same day, and they all were directed toward high profile treasonous Democrats trying to bring down America and vilify conservatives.

A thinking person can recognize that this was a well coordinated nationally planned and executed event with maximum publicity, but no damage.   Couldn’t an effort like this that is so well done bring a little damage which intent at least is implied – otherwise, what objective could there have been?  The only thing successful about this  was to theoretically benefit the Democrats.  And, lastly, with the Democrats so far in the hole, they had to energize the faithful to get out the vote and of course a necessary and compliant media to gin up some sympathy for those noble Democrats can’t hurt either.  This writer will lay 5 to 1 odds that Soros and the Democrats were behind it all with an only too willing leftist media to pump up public pressure.

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