MKULTRA Video – A Mind Control, Child Molesting, Drug Induced Government Crime Syndicate Exposed Years Ago. With What’s Going On Today, This Is Worth A Review – Terrifying Stuff – Well Documented & Thoroughly Disgusting.


MK Ultra – An American Government Sponsored Nightmare  This is some very scary stuff, and the possibility of you knowing a victim is very high!  The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is the official cover up agency.  Geraldo Rivera video/news reporting exposes the Satanic Rituals involved and the grotesque tortures and murders.  This is an astounding documentary of evil that has been long entrenched in America.  Will Trump, or somebody, be able to expose this fully, finally and to substantially eradicate it?  Remember the Manson gang and Sharon Tate – that’s one of the highest profile Satanic activities on record (this video has abundant – even overwhelming, evidence), but by far and away, not the only one, nor necessarily the most egregious.

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