California Just Became A Whole Lot More Dangerous! Avoid The State At All Costs!


California – The Most Dangerous State In The U.S.      Crime in California is set to skyrocket, and citizens will have no security or protection.  What a paradise for the criminal elements – third world, eat your heart out!  This is very scary as this writer has friends and family in California.  Imagine, you get burglarized, and the judge releases the perpetrator on his/her own recognizance, and then the perpetrator, who now knows where you live and what your name is, comes after you to make sure you don’t show up for trial – either by killing or intimidating you!  Who will want to be a witness in that kind of a case where the criminal against whom they are providing a witness is still out on the street?  At least if bail is put up, the criminal perpetrator may have a friend of family member who puts up their home for security to make bail.  There’s an element of accountability there. 

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  1. Dave Diesel · · Reply

    Leave California, It will only get much worse, Go south,[ Not to a sancturary city], where you can have guns. No body will come to yor rescue, You and your family have to think and live like your life
    depends on it, Because it does, 24 hrs. a day..
    This country has become a place where the only smartest survive.
    Avoid all protests, large crowds, churches, and home school your kids, No political clothing.
    Think ahead. No, it is not fun anymore.
    I can explain it to you, But I cannot understand it for you.


    1. I agree with all but avoiding churches, although that may even become necessary. Street action is what those who are planning for martial law want. Any fool (commie/AntiFa thug) can throw a rock to start a melee. People will have to be resourceful and be prepared for electricity to be shut off intermittently or even for long periods of time. That will mean no water, no supplies at the store, no gasoline etc.


  2. As much as I’d like that, I’m concerned that may set a bad precedent. I think it would be better if Trump surreptitiously infused counter insurgency measures led by local California people. He can use the bully pulpit to humiliate the slug/thugs that run California, prod the people who are looking for relief and withhold funds from California. He can also charge Governor Brown with treason and have him arrested.


  3. “all”? Of whom do you speak, and about what are “all” insane? Be more clear and articulate.


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