Who Really Runs The World – It’s A Family Name You’ve Probably Never Heard – This Writer Hadn’t & It’s Coming From A Very Credible Source! The Head Of The Snake Has Been Exposed – What’s Next?

Dr. Dave Janda

Dave Janda Interview Part I    Dave Janda Interview Part II   Part I establishes Dave’s credentials, and Part II furthers that and exposes the name of this powerful family that controls the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.  They are exposed for controlling both the internationalist’s agenda as well as the nationalist’s (Trump) agenda.  We’ve been presented with a false alternative paradigm for decades.  What is a false alternative paradigm?  It’s a bad choice and another worse choice for political solutions and direction – do you want bad or badder?  Some might call it a Hobson’s choice.  Here is a link that adds additional information.  This may actually be the bottom of the “rabbit hole”!   Illuminati & Payseurs?

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