Is America Headed For Vigilantism?


Merriam Webster’s Dictionary Definition of Vigilante:

Definition of vigilante

a member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the processes of law are viewed as inadequate); broadly a self-appointed doer of justice.


America’s government has chosen not to protect Americans, and has unleashed upon them a barrage of crime and criminals who are from foreign countries and cultures and who do not share American ideals nor do they want to, nor do they want to assimilate.  They are referred to, by those who are both intellectually honest and realists, as “illegal immigrants”  “Illegal” is not a race, nor a nationality, nor a religion; it is a legally defined “status”.

By doing this to Americans, they are forcing every day Americans to take the law into their own hands (vigilantism).  The problem with that is that the everyday American is not trained in either the law or law enforcement.  This creates the very  real possibility of some serious miscarriages of justice.  It could end up causing innocents to be killed or persecuted or have their property destroyed or stolen.  If those kinds of events begin to take place, then it will create the perfect storm which will allow the government to clamp down with marshal law and to persecute those who oppose the government’s failure to enforce the law and protect Americans.

There are enemies both foreign and domestic, but it is the domestic enemies that pose the greatest threat to America and Americans.  Those enemies are very wealthy and powerful – people like George Soros, the Rothsschilds, Rockefellers, Bush’s, Clintons, Obamas and so on.  America; beware before it’s too late, which it may already be.  Abolish the Federal Reserve and central banking.Many Links Below – Become Informed!


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