How To Use Gold & Silver Coins Intelligently. For Those Who See A Need To Be Prepared – Others Can Feel Free To Suffer The Consequences.


The following list of values is based upon the date noted.  It fluctuates daily.  The purpose of this type of charting is so you can see how easily you can make change and pay for things in gold and silver when the paper currency fails which all paper currencies throughout history have done – no exceptions, and the dollar will soon do as well.  The criminal banksters will tell you there’s not enough gold or silver in the world to function as money.  That’s a lie – President Franklin D. Roosevelt outlawed gold, made Americans turn the gold into the Fed’s, and then he raised the price 40%.  When the dollar fails, you may see gold and silver go up 10 fold or more!  For daily spot price, go to Coin Info.

Inflation, controlled by the banksters, eats away at the value of your paper money, but not the metals.  An ounce of silver or gold 1000 or 100 years ago is still an ounce of silver or gold today!  The prices below are based upon spot pricing which is the lowest price.  Premiums are often charged above and beyond the spot price.  The key you should take away from this chart is that you would do well to have a variety of denominations with which to trade.  You don’t want to go to the grocery store with a one ounce gold eagle to buy a loaf of bread, and you don’t want to go to buy an automobile with 100 bags of nickels.  Whatever you do, take possession of your metals, and don’t ever leave them in a bank vault.  A private vault or home safe where the government and bankers can’t get their hands on it is imperative.  Enough said?

How To Use Gold & Silver 

6/4/2018 Reference Point For Pricing 

Nickel 35% 1942 – 1945 $0.9 (current nickel value $0.06)

Junk silver pre-1965 90% silver U.S. minted coins (junk silver has the lowest premium:

Dime pre-1965 = $1.18

Quarter pre-1965 = $2.96

Half Dollar pre-1965 = $5.93

40% half dollar 1965 – 1970 = $2.43

90% dollar pre-1936 = $12.69

40% dollar 1971 – 1976 = $5.81 

Canadian Silver denominations

1 dime pre-1920 92.5% = $1.13   80% silver  1920 – 1966 $0.98,  50% silver 1968 $0.61

1 quarter 92.5% pre-1920 = $2.83,  80% 1920 – 1966 $2.46, 50% silver 1968 $1.53

1 Half dollar 92.5% pre-1920  = $5.65,  80% 1920 – 1966 = $4.09,  80% 1936 – 1967 = $9.81

1 Common silver dollar = 50%  $6.31,   92.5% 1992-1994 = $12.25 

Gold denominations

Valcambi bars come in 50 gram bars that are pre-scored 1 gram units you break off as needed.  1 gram = 1/28th oz. (or 3.571%) of an ounce of gold which = $46.14 at spot

1/10th ounce gold eagle = $129.25

1/4th  ounce gold eagle = $323.10

½ ounce of gold eagle = $646.20

1 ounce of gold eagle = $1292.40


You can also obtain gold and silver bars in 1 oz. denominations up to 100 pounds.  The premium on bars is the lowest of all premiums.

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