10 Minute Video – Tucker Carlson From Fox News – UFO Video From A Military Plane! What Does It Mean?


UFO’s – Yes, But What Does It Mean?  U stands for unidentified, F stands for flying, O stands for object.  Does it mean it’s extraterrestrial?  Not necessarily.  Does it mean it’s U.S. technology?  Not necessarily.  Does it mean it’s an enemy country?  Not necessarily.  What it means is that our government has not formally identified knowledge of it for public consumption.  Does that mean that there is nobody in our government that knows what it is?  Now, there’s the rub.  U means unidentified by any formal source.  It does not necessarily mean Unknown to any source.  Worrying about it is a waste of time.  Finding out about it may be worth while.  Is it a threat?  So far, no injuries or property damage has been reported.  Meanwhile, let’s not get distracted from the more important issues of exposing the criminals in the banking institutions who are destroying our freedom, our wealth and seeking to seize all of our property.  That’s as Identifiable as you can get!

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