Should Any Muslim On The Planet Be Believed!!! Hint, It Has To Do With The Qur’an Or Koran

This is a radical question about a radical situation.  Islam is not a religion, nor a race; it is a complete life ideology (including politics) that allows no room for dissent.  If you are a Muslim, you must believe in the Koran, or you have no basis for calling yourself a Muslim.  If you believe in the Koran, then you believe that infidels (those who are not Muslim) must have one of three statuses – be dead, be a slave to Muslims (called dhimmitude), or be converted willingly or unwillingly.  There are no other options.  Below are numerous links to a better understanding of the threat to your freedom and way of life.  If it’s o.k. in the Koran for a Muslim to lie to infidels (unbelievers) in order to either deceive an infidel in the Jihadist war, or to achieve his objectives in general, then how do you know when he/she is not lying?

Keeping this in mind, it is also noteworthy that Christianity is a world view that in the minds of Christians requires the permeation of its tenets throughout all of culture.  This puts Christianity directly at odds with Islam.  The main difference is that Christianity wishes to do it by peaceful persuasion , and not by chopping off heads or enslaving anyone.  Below, please find a copious list of links for your review and consideration.  Your life, liberty and happiness depends upon understanding this dilemma.

Webster’s Dictionary Definition of Jihad

Wikipedia Definition of Jihad

Wikislam Definition of Dhimmitude

True Islam’s Definition of Jihad – Note ideological rationale

A History of Jihad This history is put together by various colleges including Stanford, University of Ohio, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) & The London School of Economics


“Official” English, French & German Translations of the Koran?

Robert Spencer’s Review of the Koran

Qur’an References On Lying.

Middleast Forum

Muslims O.K. To Lie.

Human Events Article



Jihad Watch – Exhuastive view of Islam From an Expert – very unpopular with Muslims

Front Page Magazine

The New American Review of Robert Spencer’s Complete Guide

Amazon: The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech and its Enemies

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