What Is Scientific Atheism?


Science is knowledge.  Atheist comes from the Greek a-Theos; meaning without God.  So an atheist isn’t denying God, he is without Him.  So a scientific atheist is one who has no knowledge of God – he is a materialist and an empiricist.  Instead he looks to man’s knowledge and the state as his god.  The political ideology that characterizes scientific atheism is Communism, and according to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, socialism is the ultimate objective of Communism.  In fact, Communism proudly asserts that it is scientific atheism.  Hard core Communists are now agitating in the streets of America under the names of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, as well as unprincipled and ignorant college students.  They are receiving support from government officials such as the Mayor of Berkeley, as well as unofficial agents such as billionaires like George Soros and others who operate from the shadows.

If you’ve been through high school and/or college, you are aware that a course called political science is offered.  The word politics comes from the Greek word politice which means citizen.  So, politics is citizenship – the key is what kind of citizenship.  If we understand this etymology then we understand that politics is a neutral word until you add an adjective to it.  Or put another way, you have to qualify politics with some sort of characteristic such as “good”, “honest”, “corrupt”, “Socialist”, “Communist”, “Christian” etc. to describe what kind of politics about which we’re speaking.

Politics is something that is rejected today by most honorable and intelligent citizens, because it  has become so corrupt.  My candidacy for public office was so humiliating that no desire to run again inhabits me.  People who shared all of my basic beliefs and understandings were turned off to me because of disagreement in one point.  People made demands of me that would have compromised those same principles.  People wanted to know what concessions or benefits they could expect from me.  People supported me because of my party affiliation without knowing anything about me.  People made political decisions based upon how they “feel” – not what they think or believe let alone any principles they hold dear.

All of that is a clear result of the fallen nature of man – or to put it in the Calvinist understanding; “Man is totally depraved!”  This thinking is substantiated by St. Paul in the book of Romans chapter 3 verses 10 – 18.  It confirms that Solomon spoke the truth when he said; “There’s nothing new under the sun.” in his book of Ecclesiastes.  Yes, we have electricity, computers and automobiles today which Solomon did not have.  Solomon’s point was that man still lies, cheats, steals, murders, oppresses his neighbor, commits adultery, sexual immorality etc. etc.

So is America going to get full blown scientific atheism (Communism)?  We’re well on our way, and here are some of the things to look for to determine if that will be the case.  Firstly, all objective thinking and authority must be removed.  What is “objective” authority?   The Triune God of the Bible (Father, Son & Holy Spirit), and His word in the Bible must be removed from the consciousness of man – consciousness means with knowledge).  This is the Communist philosophy (from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto) of destroying or tearing down the old man and building the new man.  This is, of course, completely the opposite of  St. Paul’s admonition in the book of Romans chapter 6:5-23 which lays out the “born again” delivered and converted from our overt sinful status.  That does not imply believers are without sin – only that they hate it and repent of it daily.

So here America is at the political crossroads, and the horizon is very clouded with agitators, lies, a corrupt currency, declining morality, oppressive government, and the outlawing of prayer in public and the demonization of Christians in general.  As the slippery slope gets steeper, it will be more difficult to stop the slide.  Are you old enough to be able to look back less than 30 years to remember that homosexuality was still recognized by the vast majority of Americans as an aberration and unacceptable behavior.

Thirty years ago, none but the most depraved would ever have broached the subject of “gay marriage”.  Thirty years ago, recreational drug use was frowned upon, and now, not only is marijuana legalized in many states, but there is now a push to legalize hallucinogens like psilocybin (magic mushrooms).  Mind altering drugs are condemned by the Bible and associated with sorcery.  The Greek root word is pharmakeia which is the root of the English pharmacy.  Drugs with magic qualities are included in that understanding.  People are now trying to justify pedophilia and polygamy.  Child sex slaves are a reality involving high government officials.  Abortion kills over a million in utero babies every year, and some are even killed outside the womb.  Not only that, but baby parts from abortion are being sold for big money to “theoretically” obtain health benefits for the affluent living.  Reverse racism is being promoted against white people as part of a formal college curriculum.  Did any of this get promoted 30 years ago?  No, it did not.  That slippery slope has gotten much steeper, and so you can see a faster slide.  The next thirty years look pretty scary if God doesn’t intervene bringing our nation to repentance and instead His judgment is accelerated against us.

God is Sovereign, Omnipotent and Omniscient.  He is not turning a blind eye to our behavior, and his judgment, as threatened against disobedient Jews in the latter part of the book of Deuteronomy, is coming upon us.  Once eradicated diseases are coming back to America.  New diseases brought in from atheistic pagan nations of South and Central America as well as the Mideast and Africa are spreading from illegal immigrants across our unprotected borders which is one of the few enumerated protections with which our Federal government is formally charged.  The foreigner is now being elevated over the American citizen with preferential treatment and benefits.  God wrote the script over 4000 years ago for Israel, and it’s a very similar scenario for America.  As Isaiah lamented, there is a deep sleep upon my people.  The Christian community in America has  substantially fallen away from the Bible and its teaching  leading Christians to accept, and in many instances embrace and participate in many overt sins.  Thankfully, God does preserve a remnant of His people.  The wages of sin is death, and that applies to nations as well as individuals.

My daily prayer is, and if you are a Christian, should be for you as well, that America would see repentance, revival and reformation.  May God have mercy upon America even though we don’t deserve it!

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