Daily Archives: February 20, 2018

One Person’s Opinion.

  The outcry over the Florida shooting is shrill, well organized, and it may push us over the top as far as taking away the 2nd Amendment.  Before that happens, let’s consider a few things.  (Below is an earlier post of a young person speaking out against the 2nd Amendment & below that a short […]

11 Minute Video – If You Own A Gun, Better Listen To This – This Is A Product Of Government Education & The Government Won’t Teach You Anything They Don’t Want You To Know.

  Shrill Politically Correct Indoctrinated Student Champions The Loss Of  Your Rights & Freedoms & Has A Lot Of Support.  This is the corporate media’s darling.  This is the George Soros establishment’s dream child.  She’s a willing tool for evil and a leader of the herd mentality.  Are you a member of the herd?  If […]

Go To 3 Minutes 49 Seconds On This Video & Find Out How The F.B.I. & Psychotropic Drugs Are Responsible For Mass Shootings By Registered Democrats & The Corporate Media Is Covering It Up!

  Psychotropic drugs, F.B.I. & Democrats Responsible For Mass Shootings!  This video exposes very concisely the betrayal of our government against our rights and protection as a free people.  Thank you Mike Rivero for getting the insightful truth out!!! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he […]