Executive Order #? Pass This On & Make It Go Viral!!! Get This Message To President Trump Now!!!


Use your Facebook, Twitter Tweets, Instagram, emails, word of mouth, phone calls to the White House & every way you can think of to get this message out NOW!!!

Executive Order #?:

All elections involving a federal official must include the following:

1.)    Paper ballots which will be held until 6 months after the election or if there are challenges, until all challenges are settled.

2.)    All people voting must be a U.S. citizen.

3.)    All people voting must have a state issued I.D. documenting citizen status, and any state issuing driver licenses to non-citizens must issue a special I.D. indicating citizen status which will be displayed to and for the satisfaction of all election judges.

4.)    Any failure of states to comply with this order will void all votes for federal office from said state.

It should be duly noted that there is no violation of the 10th Amendment in this Executive Order.

Without this action, the next election will have more fraud and theft of election results than Bernie Madoff, Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve combined!

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