“What Is Truth?”; Asked Pontius Pilot. It’s A Good Question & Here’s An Effort To Answer That Question.


In order to know anything, one must have a way to know.  This requires cognitive capability.  Put another way, one must a.) have a brain, and b.) utilize it by way of reason.  Once these prerequisites are met, then preconceived notions must be addressed.  Does one believe that all men are brutes because they grew up with a wife beating father who beat them as well?  That would have to have an impact on a person and cause them to see adult men in a negative view and end up being true to them.  If later in life, an adult man exercised great kindness and generosity to that same person and his mother, it might alter his view, but it would not eliminate the previous brutish experience.  An element of truth lay in the experiences of life.  That is a material aspect to truth.

There are also other aspects to truth that include, in addition to the material/empirical,  the societal, economic, ideological and spiritual elements.  In light of that, we should first have some understanding of what we mean by truth.  In order for truth to exist, it must be “fixed”, or immutable, in order to have societal relevance.  You’ve heard people say things like; “That’s your truth, but it’s not my truth!”   Those who believe  that way have indeed no truth at all, but instead, they have a rationalization of reality that suits them at the time, but is subject to change on a whim.  It is not immutable.

If a truth is immutable, then what makes it that way, and from where is it derived?  The answer to this question is displeasing to vast numbers of people around the world.  There are two sources of truth; one is by consensus, and the other by divine revelation.  For the empiricist, consensus is much more palatable, but for the spiritualist, it must, or at least should, come from revelation.

Consensus is a “gathering of opinion”.  There are very few, if any, consensuses that are universal.  The closest one might be that murder is wrong.  Of course, it then becomes necessary to define murder, and to recognize an authority to establish that fact whether it be a duly elected government, a dictatorship established by force or somewhere in between that polarity.  Of course, there is the possibility of anarchy, but that is always short lived because it is an impossible situation to navigate and live in.  Man is a social creature, and as such will not tolerate anarchy except as long as it takes to reestablish order.  That is a universal and historical truth through all recorded history of mankind, womankind, peoplekind, etc. etc.  Of course, consensus has the capacity, and in fact has, changed over history.  Examples are myriad and replete (please forgive the redundancy) just within the last 100 years.

Revelation as a source of truth gets into an even stickier wicket than consensus.  Revelation comes from a source outside of mankind.  Most would say that source is God, Allah, Buddha, Ra, the Kundalini and so on.  What is the veracity of theses claims?  This is the basis for worldwide contention over the millennia.

The bottom line is that if truth is not self existent, then it is not truth, it is only opinion, and there is an old saying that right is right even if everyone’s wrong.  So, if truth is self existent, then it is apart from man’s opinions and beliefs.  It stands alone, unassailable, resolute, without contradiction, without a shadow of turning and undeniable.

Jesus Christ did not answer Pontius Pilot’s rhetorical question; “What is truth?” because He knew what was coming and that there was no repentance in Pilot’s heart for what he was about to do.  Christ was predestined to die on the cross regardless of His answer to Pilot.  In the Gospels prior to Pilot’s question, Jesus Christ did answer Pilot’s question very succinctly and unequivocally when He said; ““I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  – John 14:6

Jesus was either lying, or He was telling the truth.  As we are dealing with something that is spiritual, and not empirical for all intents and purposes, it is something each human being will have to address in his or her life.  As Scripture says; “Every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD.”  Confess that now and be saved from eternal damnation with a destiny in Heaven, or face Christ upon your death and face eternal damnation in Hell.  The choice is yours.

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