My Assessment Of President Trump’s State Of The Union Speech.


President Trump’s speech was positive overall.  It was interesting that the Democrats sat on their hands with angry scowls on their faces through most all of the speech.  They could not even applaud the fact that Apple was repatriating $350 billion to create 20,000 new jobs in America, or that Exxon Mobil was investing $50 billion in America.  They could not applaud the fact that American workers were getting multiple thousands of dollars in bonuses due to the tax cuts.  They could not applaud the fact that small businesses were hiring now.  They seemed to particularly  despise the fact that a lot of expensive, repressive and needless regulations had been eliminated freeing up the little guy from unaffordable business expenses.  They were unable to applaud the goal of making America great again.  Democrats don’t want Americans free, great, independent or prosperous.  They want Americans to be enslaved to big government, America to be a cog in the wheel of world government, paying high taxes and having every moment of their lives planned for them regardless of their own wishes.

Trump spent a lot of time acknowledging a broad array and cross section of real American heroes.  Almost everyone of them was black or Hispanic.  The Democrats reluctantly and very tacitly acknowledged them because they were Trump’s minorities – not theirs.

Does this mean that I’m a Trump supporter?  Not necessarily, but support of his spoken goals and agendas – yes!  Trump is still an enigma to me and to many of his supporters.  Maybe that is by design to keep his opponents off guard?  Maybe he has plans that we don’t necessarily want to come to pass, and he has to be deceptive in accomplishing them.  Maybe he’s legitimate?  Who knows?  As I’ve said in the past, he didn’t get to be a billionaire by being anti-establishment.  Only time will tell where we are headed, and if we will get their safely, freely, prosperously and in tact.  2018 is likely to be a watershed year.  Hold on for the ride of a lifetime.

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