Subtle Inuendo – Who Do We Fear Now? Who’s The Latest Bogey Man? Las Vegas A Tipping Point? Let’s Hope Not!


By implication, now, we need to fear normal appearing apolitical, retired white middle class men in their mid-60’s.  We need to fear anyone with guns, but especially anyone with more than one gun or more than one bullet.  Everyone is suspect, and nobody deserves the right to own a gun. The Second Amendment is antiquated and outdated along with the rest of the Constitution.  Hillary for President – NOT!!!

Meanwhile, the treasonous, bought and paid for corporate media will tell you not to fear illegal Muslim men immigrants who hate America and Americans, not to fear the heroes of Antifa who practice indiscriminate violence against people who believe in free speech and assembly, not to fear BLM (Black Lives Matter) who riot in the street, not to fear bankers who foment war and corrupt our currency and promote spying on us in every way possible, and not to fear the sleazy lying treasonous politicians who want to disarm us, so they can have their 1984 Gestapo boot heel stepping on our face permanently for eternity.

So, the logical question; who shall we fear?  Fear He who can cast both body and soul into Hell.  Fear God which is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom.  Then fear your government and the people who manipulate it from behind the scenes – banksters, politicians and the thugs they finance and encourage.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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