Las Vegas Shooting – What We Need To Know, But Likely Will Not Find Out About Stephen Paddock.


Lone shooters have been involved in questionable situations some of which are considered to be false flag events.  Usually, they are killed or commit suicide so that no testimony or questioning can take place – very convenient.  Many, if not all, have been on heavy duty psychotropic drugs.  Additionally, many have been contacted in the prior year before they committed their atrocity of having been contacted by the CIA or FBI often having been subjected to manipulation and suggestion or facilitating of some sort.  Also they usually have a leftist ideology they espouse.  The media will likely conceal the “whole” truth of the matter, while all of the leftist scum of America will chant the mantra of gun control.  These kinds of events will continue until the only people who have guns are the Gestapo of the police state and criminal actors outside of the police state.

The American government is doing its best to push Americans to the limit by excessive taxation, corrupting the currency through inflation, oppressive unreasonable regulations,  and pitting them against each other racially, economically, politically and ideologically.  Americans don’t have a chance against the lying corporate media, lying oppressive politicians, warmonger military industrial complex, and all of the criminals  and criminal illegal immigrants they’ve unleashed upon us.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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