America’s Nobility


Does America have a nobility?  One could say it does.  When an individual thinks they are above the fray, when they think that they are above the law, when they think they are something special and better than the riff-raff on the street, when they think they are divinely appointed by God to rule, when they live a lavish life with total indifference to the masses, then they have established themselves as a royalty or nobility.

Do we have people like that in America?  How about the “too big to fail” bankers?  How about the heads of Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Berkshire Hathaway and an elite cadre of others such as politicians, foundation heads, University heads, media and entertainment moguls etc.?  These people fit the definition to a large, if not total, extent.

It was these kinds of people who functioned as the rulers of France in the late 1700’s.  The French Revolution was a response to this oppression and indifference.  France had their 1/10%, and now America has theirs.  Will we suffer a violent and bloody revolution in America?The circumstances are ripe for just such a revolution.  The 99% is disenchanted.  They are manifested in Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, La Raza, and other radical groups.  Additionally, you have a polarized populace which fervently supports the likes of Barack Obama or Donald Trump.

There is a group on the inside of politics that is fomenting this revolution, and some of them are part of the so called nobility.  They are under the impression that they can control things and deflect attention from themselves.  Will they succeed?  Will they fall victim to their own devices and be caught in their own snares?  Only time will tell. America is in a very precarious state, and many are asleep or indifferent.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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