Memorial Day – What’s It All About?


Memorial Day is a time of “memory”, or remembering.  What are we remembering? Ostensibly, according to veterans and the government, we are remembering those who fought for our freedom in America and for the world.  This has a nice ring to  it, but is it reality?  Although it’s been 76 years since the United States of America has been attacked by another country, we’ve managed to attack, and/or invade since then, Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan (where our soldiers guard the poppy fields to assure the Committee of 300’s heroin production), Iraq, and Syria.

Additionally, we’ve meddled militarily in numerous other countries.  We’ve manipulated their election.  We’ve undermined their societies by supporting various guerrilla paramilitary groups such as the Contras, ISIS, Al Qaeda and others.  Often times the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is working behind the scenes to meddle and secure their position as the largest illicit drug dealing organization in the world.  Wherever there is civil unrest in the world, you can be sure the CIA is not far away.

So, are our soldiers in America really fighting for America?  Are they really fighting for freedom?  How many nations are worse off as a result of American meddling?  Who are the main meddlers?  Look no further than the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) CFR for an inside peek at to the movers and shakers of American foreign policy and military policy.

Currently, America and its elected, as well as its self-appointed, leaders are working assiduously to create World War III.  Why?  These murderous slugs want world government under their idea of what’s best for the world.  Of course they may have some people who resist and disagree with their idea of what’s best.  What then?  Beat them into submission!

It’s certainly understood that Biblical morality and principles are no longer popular, but it doesn’t eliminate the merits of them.  The Bible gives examples of just wars, and unjust wars.  If the bully on the block picks a fight with a smaller weaker person, then the weaker person has a right to fight back (self defense) if they have done nothing to incite the conflict nor anything to deserve the attack.

What has Russia done to deserve all of the U.S. vitriol?  Has Russia attacked several countries around the world?  Have they put their soldiers in countries all over the world like the U.S. which has soldiers in over 150 countries.  Who’s the aggressor?  Who’s the bully?

U.S. soldiers need to realize that they are not fighting for the freedom of Americans; no, they’re fighting for the world hegemony of the central bankers who finance both sides of every war, and then they get the spoils of the loser and the indebtedness of the winner. The bankers win no matter what, and the people lose no matter what.  This is an appeal to soldiers to refuse to fight unjust wars – no matter what the propaganda line is.  It will be hard, because so many who join the military do so out of necessity because there are no jobs for them, and they need to survive.  Why is that?  That’s another story, and is thanks to the politicians and bankers again.  Create a problem so you can solve it – right?

The American government, complicit with the military industrial complex and the bankers have managed to create a sort of mercenary army.  It’s a very sad story, and the end does not look good for the people of the world.  Does any soldier really believe that they’re fighting for the New World Order, the bankers, world government or whatever?  No, because they have been so heavily propagandized to believe a lie.  Yet, they fight anyway, and they further their own enslavement through socialist/communist economic policies.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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