Rule By Crisis – Who’s To Blame? Don’t Look At Me!


We have a geo-political crisis, but don’t blame Bush, Obama or Trump.  Just because they bombed the hell out of the Mideast, antagonized North Korea, Russia, China, and others, signed off on a bunch of bad sovereignty eroding treaties, and who knows who else we’ve alienated?  Don’t blame the bankers (every geo-political crisis is a banker’s crisis) just because they’ve put everyone in debt with money backed by nothing, and tried to enlsave the world.

We have a health crisis.  Now when I was young, a candy bar cost a nickel, and a day in the hospital cost $5.  Now, a candy bar costs 20 X’s as much – $1, and a hospital stay costs $500 or 100 X’s as much.  Pharmaceuticals have gone through the roof thanks to big government.  The government doesn’t try to run the candy business, but they do try to run the medical world, and when the government gets involved, it gets very expensive for everyone, because the bribery, kickbacks and bureaucracy are very demanding facets to a “modern” society.

We have a job crisis because of laws legislated that encourage companies to go over seas by guaranteeing they won’t get hurt financially, and regulations that make it too expensive for them to stay if they want to be competitive in a world market that includes cheap Chinese made goods here in the U.S.  Don’t stop there, because we have an education system that is 29th to none as we teach classes in college such as “Getting Dressed” at Princeton University (see earlier post).  We graduate lawyers to sue people, but no engineers to design and build things.  People aren’t taught in school how to think, only how to act “politically correct”.  Our last President was a “community organizer” who said he went to Harvard University, but nobody could find any record of him ever being there.

We have a domestic political crisis as people riot and “demonstrate” in the street over issues such as fake global warming, mostly non-existent police brutality, Trump’s election against Hillary’s overconfident rigging of votes, people in high office involved in child sex slave activity, a media that tries to gloss over all of this or cover it up while distracting us with the Kardashian’s latest fashion snafu.

We have a drug crisis.  The drug war has brought cheap heroin to American kids thanks to the CIA (Cocaine In America), lax border controls, soft treatment of criminals, a corrupt judiciary, drug education in public (think government) schools, rampant glorification of drug use in Hollywood movies, and a complete disdain for Biblical Christian morality by our leaders and the people in general.  Of course no morality, or chaotic morality is much better than Christian morality – right?  And, what are people escaping from when they use heroin?  It’s not Christian morality; that’s for sure!

We have a debt crisis, because we are so far in debt that if the U.S. government (I.R.S.) took everything you own now, plus everything you earn for the next three years, we still couldn’t pay it off.  Meanwhile, the borrowing goes on like a steamroller, to finance the spending like drunken sailors that Congress pursues, so the moronic masses, including illegal immigrants, can be satiated with food stamps, aid to dependent children, subsidized housing, free medical care, welfare, Social Security, Social Security Disability Income, free education, free cell phones, and who knows what else that is “free”, but you can rest assured, none of us are “free”!  The borrower is slave to the lender! 

So, as we are pieces on a chess board to be manipulated at will, who else should we go to to solve our problem but the people who created it.  Yes, let’s all go to Congress and the state houses or city councils with our pitch forks, if those are still allowed, and cry for mercy, and maybe they’ll throw us a “free” bone.  Maybe!


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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