George Soros’s 206 Organizations He’s Financed In Order To Destroy America!


George Soros maintains dual citizenship in Hungary and the U.S.  He doesn’t care about the Constitution, America’s sovereignty, or the freedom of individual Americans.  Why should he be allowed to roam free in this nation wreaking havoc and dissension.  He is an evil man who has too much money, and he abuses his wealth in an attempt to create a New World Order (one world government), and he wants to be in charge.  See link below, plus previous posts for more details on the man and the Establishment’s mechanisms, or levers, of control.

George Soros’s 206 Organizations He’s Financed To Destroy America

The following link is from a 60 Minutes CBS interview in which Soros is very candid and reveals just what an ego maniacal scum bag he is.


This next video should send chills down your spine.  Secrets that the establishment doesn’t want you to know are revealed in this interview, but it’s doubtful that more than a few thousand people know about it – if that many.

Full Interview Of Norman Dodd From The Reese Committee Congressional Hearing

This movie is an expose of how people in secret societies transcend generations and operate behind the scenes to manipulate people and governments.



Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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