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23 Minute Video – Bilderberger 2019 Meeting Location Still Unannounced! What Do They Have Planned To Push Us Into War & The New World Order?

  Bilderbergers Are Tyrants, and they will send your sons to war, tax you to death, spy on you and deny your privacy and freedom.  Do you care?  Here’s their “official web site” just in case you doubt that the group exists.  Here’s their very recently announced agenda! Historically they take over an entire five star […]

3 Minute Video – Plunder – What Is It & Who Does It?

  Victim Of Yellow Vest Violence!  France is the home of Frederick Bastiat whose philosophy of economics and freedom is noted and summarized below.  Obviously, the leaders of France either never heard of Bastiat, or reject his philosophy out of hand. In 1850, Frédéric Bastiat’s political theory was published in his work The Law. In […]

Paris In Ruins – Email From A Citizen Of The Czech Republic As A Tourist After A 10 Year Absence!

  Reportage by Czech Tourists on the condition of Paris France and it could be worse now: I’ve warned my fellow Americans for decades that this is coming here – now if you go to Los Angeles, San Francisco etc. you’ll see it’s here, although not quite so bad yet.  After viewing these photographs and […]

6 Minute Video – What They’re Not Telling You About The Yellow Vest Movement.

  Yellow Vests Vs. Antifa!   Yellow Vests are the real thing – Antifa is Soros financed Socialist government promotion.  Yellow Vests want freedom and justice in a genuine way. Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if […]

What Happens When The Police Side With The Criminals? The Police Become Criminals Themselves! Time To Call In The “Yellow Vests”? Or, Say “Good Bye” To The Second Amendment!

  Treason is a crime!  When elected and appointed officials, or for that matter any public servants who are required to take an oath of office in America to uphold and defend the Constitution violate that oath, they have committed treason and are therefore, CRIMINALS!  The “Yellow Vests” of Europe have had enough.  Is it […]