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Video – Are You A Journalist? Do You Try To Pursue Truth, Or At Least What You Perceive To Be Truth? Do You Want To Be Able To Continue Doing That – Journalist Or Not? Listen & Learn How Julian Assange Is Being Made An Example To Threaten & Intimidate That Freedom.

  The Persecution Of Julian Assange.  Are you next?  The one fallacy that this man, Pilger, exhibits is his appeal to the United Nations.  Research the U.N. and see how corrupt they are and who was responsible for their founding. Related Posts That Will Be Unavailable In A Dictatorship: BILL CLINTON’S MENTOR FROM GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY […]

What Will It Take To Make Things Work In This Country? Libertarianism?

You would agree with the following; “The borrower is slave to the lender.”  That wisdom is before central banking, and it’s thousands of years old from Proverbs 22:7.  My point is that the Bible is not just a bunch of pious, pithy, punctiliously purveyed prophetic pandering.  Nor is it just a book of history and/or […]

Leftist Gets Taste Of Their Own Medicine – Leftists Punishing Leftists For Not Being Politically Correct All Their Lives – No Blemishes In Background Allowed!

  Sarah Silverman Gets A Taste Of Leftist Vitriol!  Sarah’s movie career appears to be over!  Well, Sarah, how’s it feel to be a hypocritical leftist victimized by hypocritical leftists?  All you have to do to please leftists is say “I’m sooo sowry; I didn’t mean to do it.”, and then a few “Mea culpas”, […]

7 Minute Video – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Does A Very Sophisticated & Professional Animated Presentation For Her “Green New Deal”! This Will Likely Go Viral Through Government Schools!

AOC’s Animated Green New Deal!   Wake up people – this is enough to put the millennials over the top.  Life in America is about to experience draconian and devastating change way beyond degeneracy.  Your life and freedom are at stake.  Make no mistake about it – the push to enslave you is on, and it […]