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2 & 3 Minute FOX News Videos Respectively About Jihadists Training Kids In New Mexico To Perform School Shootings

  Jihadist Scum Wake up people, these Jihadists have been among us for nearly two decades – maybe longer.  They lie in wait planning their murders; all the time lying, cheating, stealing, destroying, agitating etc.  They are evil, and yet they think they’re righteous.  For them, the end justifies the means.  They do not assimilate, […]

5 Minute Video – What Is Frazzledrip? It’s Hillary Clinton & Huma Abiden In A Pedophile Video – One That Made The New York Police Gag & Cry.

What do we know for sure? 1.)  Jeffrey Epstein is a pedophile and friend of the Clintons. 2.)  Bill Clinton made over 20 trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s island paradise on his airplane named the Lolita Express, and that Hillary went several times. 3.)  That it is in the best interests of high ranking officials and […]