2 & 3 Minute FOX News Videos Respectively About Jihadists Training Kids In New Mexico To Perform School Shootings


Jihadist Scum

Wake up people, these Jihadists have been among us for nearly two decades – maybe longer.  They lie in wait planning their murders; all the time lying, cheating, stealing, destroying, agitating etc.  They are evil, and yet they think they’re righteous.  For them, the end justifies the means.  They do not assimilate, they disintegrate.  They do not love, but hate.  They are not salt and light, but dung and darkness to the world.  Instead of God defining them, they define god (Allah).  Their goal is to destroy all of those who disagree with them, and they have the social media (Fakebook, You Tube, Twitter etc.), Democrats, Socialists, Democratic Socialists, Antifa, BLM, Communists, Corporate fake news media etc. on their side and they are getting money from billionaires and the U.S. government.  Can you see a pattern here?  Do you feel the least bit threatened?  Pray to the God of the Bible for protection of America and the “elect” of America, because if America falls, there will be no freedom available anywhere in the world – it will be the New World Order on steroids – deadly, ugly, dangerous and despicable.  Speak out boldly before it’s too late to speak out at all – even in a whisper!

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