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4 1/2 Minute Video – Libra; Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg’s Cryptocurrency – Do You Trust This Guy With Your Money?

  Libra – Will Mark Zuckerberg Deplatform & Demonitize Investors Who Are Not Politically Correct?  To quote Warner Brothers star Bugs Bunny; “Could be!”  If you like the idea of cryptocurrency, but don’t trust Mark Zuckerberg, then check out the HBAR and Hashgraph Hedera as an alternative.  This writer is personally acquainted with the founders […]

Video – The Crypto Currency Battle That The News Media Is Not Covering But Will Change Your Life! Libra Vs. Bitcoin Vs. Hederra Vs. The Dollar – Watch Out!!!

The battle behind the scenes for cryptocurrency supremacy vs. dollar supremacy.  Facebook is stealing from Hederra, and this guy may want to steal from Hederra’s investors.  Who does this guy work for?  Is the federal government and the central banking community feeling desperate?  Time will reveal all of this.   Full Page Ad Taken Out […]

10 Minute Video – Is The Future Of Crypto Currency Looking Brighter & Brighter?

Economics & Crypto Currencies!   Economically, things appear to be getting brighter, but are they?  It’s always darkest before the dawn.  Only time will tell.  Regarding crypto currency, the following are links to the Hedera Hashgraph HBAR: #1,  #2,  #3,  #4,  #5, #6,   This writer’s money is on HBAR, and here’s why;  a.) It is 15,000 times as […]

Are We Going Cashless? If So, Then What? India Tried It & It Was Chaos!

The following article has many things known by this writer to be true.  Logic will dictate that much of this is relevant and may become necessary.  Is the solution offered here going to become a reality?  Will it become a reality when the article’s author says so?  This writer cannot say, and this writer is […]